18 Fabulously Cheap Ideas for Creative DIY Storage Solutions and Home Organization

creative storage solutions and interior decorating ideas

Recycling old wood ladder for rack shelf


Cheap ideas for storage and organization can make your life easier and help save money on buying home organizers for your closets, kitchen cabinets, bedroom drawers and kids shelves. Lushome shares a collection of smart, simple and cheap ideas for storage solutions that you will like.

It is a great ideas to declutter your home to get organized and create neat and beautiful home interiors and storage spaces. You may find items to use for organizing your home and come up with clever and original storage solutions. A few wonderful surprises can add fun to home decluttering, home staging, interior redesign and storage organization.

1. Manage crafts, jewelry or kids shoes with a see through hanging shoe organizer and eliminate mess on shelves or in drawers, creating more space and order in your home. These shoe organizers take little spaces in a room, and are very convenient for room  and closet organization.

Creative storage ideas, recycling metal cans for home organizers

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See-through hanging shoe organizer used for art and craft supplies storage and organization, image from I Can Teach My Child

2. Mason jars can be great storage solutions for baking supplies, like cupcake lines, or small household items, like clothes pins and rubber bands.

Mason jars can be used for various storage ideas, from food to small things, like beads an

Using glass jars for kitchen storage, image by Table for Two

3. Use a cookie cooling rack for creating spice storage shelves.

Creative space saving spice storage solution, photograph by The Stonybrook House

4. Recycling A CD storage rack for keeping plastic covers in order, adding a creative and space saving accent to your kitchen storage.

Kitchen storage ideas for plastic covers, image by Hip2Save

5. Store wrapping paper in a garment bag. This vertical storage idea helps keep everything neatly organized.

Vertical storage idea for wrapping paper organization, Photograph by The Chic Home

6. Pegboards can be used for dividing spaces in kitchen drawers.

Pegboard and short wooden rods used for dividing spaces in drawers, smart kitchen storage idea from Andrea Dekker

7. Towel bars can be used for space saving kitchen storage. Lids look very organized on a towel rack on a kitchen wall.

Space saving kitchen storage and organization idea, wall rack for lids by Hip2Save

8. Magazine racks and holders are creative storage solutions for purses and bags.

Storage and organization for purses and bags, image by Perpetually Chic

9. Use tin cans, small containers or baskets with carabiners to create convenient and attractive storage for kids rooms. This storage idea can be used for garage, laundry room and garden shed organization also.

Kids storage idea recycling metal cans and carabiners, image by Home Depot

10. Recycling plastic lids for tighter kitchen storage offer perfectly Green ideas for your home organization.

Green ideas for kitchen storage, image from Yesterday on Tuesday

11. You can double up hangers with tin can tabs, enjoying this space saving idea for your closets organization.

Double hangers for space saving closet organization, storage idea by Lara Robby/Studio D

12. Plastic pipes and containers are great materials for creating wall storage spaces.

Bathroom decorating with round shelves recycling plastic pipes and containers

13. Wooden racks can be used for kids shoe storage

Wooden racks used for kids storage

14. Under bed storage boxes are an excellent ideas for small rooms.

Under bed storage boxes on wheels

15. Handmade home organizers, especially hanging storage pockets made of fabrics are simple, light and beautiful storage ideas for clutter free, organized and neat interior decorating.

Fabric home organizers, hanging pockets for bedroom storage

16. Wine racks can be recycled for creative purses storage, and recycled wood frames can add a nice accents to interior decorating while providing a storage place for your jewelry.

Jewelry and purses wall organizers recycling wine bottle racks

17. Recycling wood pallets offer numerous amazing Green ideas and DIY projects, turning salvaged wood into room furniture, racks or kids shoe storage shelves.

Recycling wood pallets for wall organizer and kids shoe storage

18. Recycling an old wood ladder for a unique shelf is a clever and Green idea, perfect for creating a nice place to hang clothes and store accessories.

Recycling old wood ladder for rack shelf

  by Ena Russ   

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