Small Spaces for Work that Feng Shui Home and Office Interiors

home office in minimalist style
Small office design in minimalist style



The CUBE is a unique design concept that creates small spaces for works that allow to enjoy a private room in a public and open space. The structure offers a private unit to Feng Shui home and office interiors. The blend of closed and open spaces add harmony to modern interior design ideas and Feng Shui home or office interiors, creating energetically balanced spaces.

A new small unit for work is designed by Spaceflavor Architecture, offering an innovative small office design that can be a part of a bedroom, a family room or large office interiors, The unit features a meditation space on a loft. The CUBE is compact and movable structure that allows to enjoy flexible interior design.

Multifunctional unit is a great ideas for home office design. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and it can be moved through a standard door opening, allowing quickly change interior design, adjusting a room layout to different needs.

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Feng Shui for home office and study area in room corner

Unique small office design idea

Private Cube unit for work in an open space
Small office design in minimalist style

Bay Area Feng Shui expert Liu Ming was facing a dilemma: his 1,100 square-foot live/work apartment felt vast and deserted when he was alone, yet he needed more space for his growing Feng Shui classes.

He was often forced to juggle his desk, closets and other hefty personal furniture to accommodate over 30 students. He sought an unconventional design solution to gain more space for his classes and streamline loft reconfigurations, while preserving his personal space.

Space saving Idea for compact, flexible and movable home office design with a meditation area

The prefabricated steel frame and plywood floor and wall elements make strong and durable structure that can be created and modified. Unpretentious home office design looks elegant and comfortable, adding more comfort and privacy to modern interior design with open spaces.

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Unique home office design to Feng Shui interior

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