Simple Designer Stools and Ottomans Recycling Old Paper and Decluttering Homes

designer furniture, stool made of old magazines

Designer furniture, stool made of old magazines, leather belts and cushion

Here is a clever idea for creating simple designer stools and ottomans, recycling paper, old magazines or books and decluttering your home. Recycling paper is a popular topic. Old newspapers, magazines and books occupy valuable storage spaces, collecting the dust on shelves and creating an unhealthy environment. Simple to make designer stools and ottomans are a creative idea for recycling old paper and making your home comfortable and spacious.

The Hockenheimer Stool from NJU Studio, makes great use of old magazines and books, inspiring DIY furniture design projects that can add unique furniture, chairs and stools, benches and 0ttomans, to your home decor.

The creative designer furniture item consists of a wood base, leather straps and a soft cushion on its top, and can grow in size when you add old newspapers, magazines and books to this unique furniture design. Stacked between the wood base and cushion, old newspapers, magazines and books make the seat grow taller and ottomans larger.

Recycling paper and cardboard for chair, unique furniture design idea

Modern eco kitchen made of recycled paper, eco friendly products for contemporary homes

Recycling paper fir affordable modern furniture, desks and storage cabinets

Furniture design ideas for recycling paper

Unique furniture, stools and ottomans made of old magazines and books

This clever furniture design idea offers a novel and practical home organization solution for all your newspapers, magazines and books. If you keep them in a bag, plastic or made of attractive fabrics, the paper collection will stay clean and safe.

This furniture design idea is great for recycling old paper or storing useful items, like kids books, phone books, text books and drawing paper, – especially in small rooms. Covered with a soft cushion seats and ottomans, unique furniture pieces are great additions to small rooms, providing convenient extra seats and storage spaces.

Designer furniture, stool made of old magazines, leather belts and cushion

As long as the size of a pillow allows you to add old newspapers, magazines or books and leather straps fit around the paper collection, the possibilities for creating designer stools, benches and ottomans are limitless.

Handmade furniture design and creative storage ideas

  by Ena Russ   

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