Recycling Used Tires for DIY Planters Making Vibrant Yard Decorations

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hanging planter with petunia

Petunia flowers in hanging on the wall tire planters


Planters made with old tires make vibrant yard decorations. Painted bright colors tires can decorate walls, build a fence, or serve as swings. Hanging from a tree branch or arranged in a garden, painted tires are perfect for small garden beds. Recycling old rubber tires is a great way to keep them out of landfills and make original, cheap decorations for backyards and driveways.

There are many DIY ideas for recycling tires. Painted with bright colors and fun patterns, used tires become vibrant lawn art, outdoor playground toys, planters, wall decorations, garden furniture, and tree swings. Colorful paint is a fantastic tool for transforming rubber tires into unique things. Lushome provides tips for painting tires and making eye-catching planters that jazz up yard landscaping.

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Recycling tires for yard decorations, planter, black

How to make planters and paint tires

Cheap decorations, colorful planters, recycling tires

1. Cleaning

Using a dishwashing soap, wash the tire inside and out, including the threads, to remove dirt and grease. Let it dry completely. Wipe the tire with a paper towel inside to get rid of trapped water.

2. Drilling holes

The drainage holes prevent water from accumulating inside the tire, so insects, like ants, stay away.

Recycling tires for a planter, handmade yard decorations

3. Painting

Paint the tire using spray paint designed for plastic for both indoor and outdoor use. If the spray paint includes a primer, you can paint the tire in one step. Apply several coats until the paint has completely covered the tire.

Winter yard decorations recycling tires

Colorful artworks created with old tires and waste plastic

Recycling car tires for handmade furniture

More paint layers and more paint help covering the tire surface with light color since the tire is black. Use small supports to lift the tire, so the tire does not sit on the ground as you spray paint. When the top side is dry, flip the tire over and paint the other side.

Petunia flowers in hanging on the wall tire planters

How to decorate the tire planter

Decoration patterns beautifully accentuate the tire planter. You can use any motifs or single designs to highlight your painted tires. You can draw freehand or use stencils. Using different colors creates vibrant and playful planter designs. Acrylic or latex paints designed for outdoor use are perfect for painting small details.

Colorful design, hanging planter

Colorful hearts, stripes, diamonds, crosses, polka dots, smiley faces, check signs, letters, leaves, and floral designs are just a few painting ideas for decorating planters with paint. After painting the main section of the tire where the treads are, add more color to the walls. Use a complementing color for a circle around the painted tire. It is a simple way to brighten up the design and add a final touch to the tire planter.

Red hearts pattern on white tires

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