Old Tire and Plastic Recycling for Colorful Artworks Created with Bright Paint

recycling trash for colorful artworks created with bright paint
Recycling plastic , old tires and trash for artworks and street decoration


Trash, old tire and plastic recycling for artworks is an interesting idea that gets lots of fans. Portuguese artist Bordalo II has been stalking the streets of Lisbon looking for heaps of trash and inspirations. Lushome presents these amazing artworks created with trash and bright painting.

Recycling plastic is wonderful for the environment. The artist uses discarded plastic, old car tires, shingles and tangles of electrical cables for the colorful and impressive artworks that adorn streets of Portugese capital. The artist carefully repositions all trash pieces before spray painting them to resemble animals, fish and insects.

Creative graffiti artist Bordalo II, www.bordalosegundo.com/ explores the streets of Lisbon in search of abandoned buildings and piles of trash to transform them into exciting and unusual artworks. With the help of a spray-paint the artist is recycling plastic, old car tires and small trash into works of art, like a butterfly on a house wall, a vase with flowers in a garbage container or a crocodile on the outskirts of Lisbon.

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Recycling plastic and old car tires for artworks

Recycling plastic , old tires and trash for artworks and street decoration

Bordalo II colored eight railroad tracks and painted intricate works of art directly on the rails and sleepers. These incredible images by Bordalo II dd interest to urban environment.

Coloring the piles of trash in the creative compositions, Bordalo II designs amusing artworks for entertainment for the people of Lisbon. The artist is recycling while drawing the attention of people in the world, helping to save the environment and improve modern life.

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Recycling plastic, old car tiles and small trash pieces for art is a good, useful, interesting and Green idea. People throw away too many things before even trying to give them a new life by recycling and upcycling.

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Abandoned places, especially in big cities look unappealing. Recycling plastic, old car tires and trash is a great Green idea that is inspiring and amazing.

Recycling plastic and old tires for art

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