How to Reuse and Recycle Old Car Tires in House Design and Decorating

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how to reuse and recycle old tires for unique furniture

Modern chairs displayed on recycled and painted white old tires


There are many creative ways to reuse and recycle bike or car tires turning them into garden decorations and artworks. Lushome shares great examples of recycling tires for house design, outdoor and interior decorating, and unique furniture design. There are so many used tires that we can not throw them out and pollute the environment. Recycling for design and decorating is an excellent, artistic, and smart way to protect the Earth.

Old tires are a beautiful material for DIY projects, Green building on a small budget, outdoor and interior decorating. Unique furniture, decor accessories, yard decorations, sheds, staircases, fences, and walls built with used tires are fantastic ways to reuse and recycle. You can not burn tires. Burning rubber is harmful. Creating something new and useful is the best option for recycling old tires.

Recycling car or bike tires can be simple, easy and attractive. Recycling is what everyone can do while creating unique designs and eco-friendly products for home decorating. Discarded car tires are an eyesore, but can transform into something attractive and functional. Disposed tire dumps are breeding grounds for mosquitoes increasing incidences of mosquito-borne diseases, but offer a great material for art projects to improve the interior design or accentuate gardens and yard landscaping.

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Recycling old tires for unique furniture

Modern chairs displayed on recycled and painted white tires

Modern tables, chairs, wall shelves, and garden benches are wonderful ideas to reuse and recycle old tires. Tires piled up on junk yards provide great opportunities to create unique furniture and get rid of clutter.  Handmade furniture made of recycled tires have many uses. It can personalize outdoor living spaces and home interiors while proving functional furnishings.

Recycling helps prevent an environmental pollution, save money on outdoor home decor and interior decorating. Creative ways to reuse and recycle tires save a lot of energy and allow to show the artistic nature bringing unique furniture and decor accessories into modern homes.

Creative way to recycle old tires for unique furniture, modern chairs with wooden frames
Garden bench recycling old tires

Recycling tires for walls, steps, lighting and bathroom sinks

If you need to get rid of old tires, consider recycling first. Decorative walls, steps, whimsical light fixtures or planters, and even bathroom sinks are just a few ideas to reuse and recycle tires in a creative way. Used tires are not waste. They can be used in making practical and eco-friendly products for house design and decorating. Reusing and recycling tires mean that industries do not produce new materials. It saves energy and resources and protects the environment.

Unique lighting fixtures designed with tires

Tires are harmful to the environment. Reuse and recycle them for unique furniture, build a wall, fence or garden bench for your outdoor living spaces. Flower pots, raised garden beds for plants, outdoor art pieces, hanging planters, tables, chairs, garden benches, wall shelves and chandeliers made with old tires are modern ideas to recycle tires. Fresh designs and creative recycling are always better than disposing of used and harmful things.

Green building with used tires
Bathroom sinks to recycle old tires
Recycling tires for yard landscaping, steps

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Creative wall shelves designed with tires

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