Quick Room Makeovers, Lush Spring Decorating with Flowers and Indoor Plants

home staging and interior decorating with flowers and plants
Wall decoration with wooden shelves and green indoor plants



Quick room makeovers with blooming flowers and indoor plants in attractive and creative containers are wonderful spring decorating projects that bring freshness and vivid colors into home interiors and create spring-like atmosphere in living spaces. Lushome shares a collection of simple and quick ideas for spring room makeovers with colorful flowers and indoor plants to add stylish and eco friendly details to spring decorating or home staging.

Indoor plants and flowers are inexpensive, but bright and pleasant decorative accessories that transform rooms and turn them into inviting, beautiful and modern home interiors and offices with eco friendly vibe. Spring decorating is easy and cheap, and decorations like plants and flowers, are widely available and versatile, suitable for all interior decorating styles and color schemes.

Spring decorating is about nice ways to add green colors and bright details to existing home decor, and make interior decorating or home staging look creative, interesting, fresh and elegant. Green colors change rooms and create fabulous color schemes with existing architectural elements and home furnishings, enhancing the eco friendly feel of modern interior decorating and home staging.

Elegant flower arrangements and spring decorating ideas for dining tables

Green ideas for table decorating with flowers, butterflies and birds

Room makeovers and spring decorating with flowers and plants

Green home staging and interior decorating with indoor plants, white plant stand with three shelves

Planted indoor plants and growing in attractive containers spring flowers are perfect home accessories for all room makeovers and decorating projects. Home staging and interior decorating with flowers look pleasant and welcoming.

Indoor plants and flowers are excellent for window decoration. Edible herbs and decorative green plants are charming and spectacular.

Colorful spring decorating with flowers and edible herbs in bright containers

Green colors and green leaves look fantastic in kitchens and dining rooms in a combination with fresh air, bright environment, healthy and delicious salads, rich in vitamins. Growing green gardens with edible herbs are a great opportunity to enrich your diet and beautify your home interiors while adding green colors to spring decorating.

Fresh spring decorating with green indoor plants

Edible herbs

30 spring home decorating ideas blending modern trend and classic technique

Small plants, like edible herbs, do not require a lot of time to care for, and can be easily used for quick room makeovers that will transform interior decorating and home staging in only 2-3 weeks. Edible herbs, like parsley, basil, mint and lemon balm, are ideal for growing gardens at homes. These edible herbs bring wonderful texture, beautiful green colors and unique shaped of leaves into interior decorating and provide vitamins for healthy Green living.

Green wall paint, upholstery fabric in green fresh green color and indoor plants for home staging and interior decorating in eco style

Indoor plants, flowers and edible herbs are just a few nice ways to jazz up spring decorating, make home staging look inviting and enrich quick room makeovers with eco friendly accents. Edible herbs grow quickly, and can be grown in hydroponic containers also.

25 Green ideas for spring decorating with flowers and indoor plants in containers

Graceful ideas for spring decorating with flowers and plants

Small plants and flowers in attractive containers look unpretentious, but add character, freshness and beauty to spring decorating. Growing indoor plants, flowers, edible herbs or vegetables are perfect for all who likes rich, dark and light green colors and want to connect interior decorating with the nature.

Bright spring decorating for dining room, floral arrangement for table centerpiece, wall shelves with green glass bowls, white tableware and a green indoor plant on the floor

Look at the spring decorating ideas in this collection and find wonderful inspirations for your quick room makeovers in spring and summer. Beautiful ​​pots, vases, boxes and interesting containers in the gallery, combined with blooming flowers, edible herbs or decorative green plants are great for eco friendly, unique and welcoming interior decorating and home staging in spring and summer.

Bedroom decorating with plants, wooden furniture and neutral colors, eco friendly home staging tips
Wall shelves with flowering plants in a room corner and green indoor plants on the floor
Wall decoration with wooden shelves and green indoor plants

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