Purple, Red and Light Green Color Combinations that Differentiate Modern Living Room Designs

green and purple color scheme for living room design
Modern living room design with purple ottoman, purple glass vases and decorative pillows in purple colors


Rich purple, red and light green colors create beautiful interior color schemes that make modern living room designs look unique, sophisticated and stylish. Selecting interior color schemes is one of the most crucial elements of interior design. Color creates and defines any project, emphasizing modern home decorating.

How do you make your living room stand out while looking elegant and personal? The first thing is to choose the perfect interior colors and create color combinations that differentiate your living room design reflecting your personality. Here’s a collection of modern interior design and decorating ideas that demonstrate gorgeous purple, reddish-orange and green color combinations.

A triadic color palette that includes purple, red or orange and green colors creates clean and balanced aesthetics, beautifying modern interior design with gorgeous contrasts and unusual accents in purple color. A triadic color palette is created by color hues spaced evenly apart on the color wheel, creating a triangle shape that connects these interior color hues.

Modern living room design and decorating with red and green accents

Creating a triadic color palette that includes light green color

To create a triadic color palette for your living room design, simply choose a base light green color. The two other interior colors that are at an equal distance apart on the color wheel are purple and orange colors. Very light green color allows to use deep orange and red color shades, combined with deep purple and bluish-purple tones. Also your can create a tetradic color combinations with light green and blue color tones, rich purple and red color shades.

Modern living room decorating in green color

Green color shades symbolize growth, nature, wealth and relaxation. Green color brings calming atmosphere into modern living room designs. Living room furniture upholstery fabrics and decorative accessories, – window curtains, floor rugs, pillows and lamp shades in green color are very pleasing to the senses.

Modern living room furniture and artworks in green color

Green color is excellent for spring decorating. It is the traditional color of peace, harmony, comfortable nurturing, support and well-paced energy. Green color shades creates beautiful and fresh living rooms and other home interiors.

3 modern living room designs in fresh green color inspired by spring decorating

Room decorating tips, room makeover with light green color

Green living room design with orange and red accents

Touches of red color brings energy into light green interior design. Orange-red color shades, combined with purple and neutral colors create vibrating interior design color schemes with fresh green color.

Red and green color combination for living room design and spring decorating

Green living room design with purple color

Purple color looks noble, bringing sophistication and elegance into modern living rooms with furnishings in light green color. Purple color shades are the most royal and mysterious color choices that are associated with wealth, prosperity, richness and sophistication.

Purple and green color combination for modern living room design and spring decorating

Modern living room decorating with purple, red and green color combination

Green, orange or red and purple color schemes stimulate the brain activity and improve problem solving abilities. Using this triadic color palette for spring decorating creates wonderful, rich and elegant living rooms, blending airy feel and rich look into creative and intimate interior decorating.

Modern living room design with purple ottoman, purple glass vases and decorative pillows in purple colors

Purple, red and light green color combinations inject living room designs with mystery, wisdom, and respect, displaying furnishings in red and purple colors that add character to interior design and make a statement. Purple, red and green color combinations look beautiful with black and white decorating ideas. Comfortable brown, golden yellow color shades, pink and turquoise blue color can be used to give artistic touches to bright living room design with green furniture and decor accessories.

Blue and green interior color schemes for living room decorating

Pastel blue and green colors creating tender and airy interior decorating

Purple glass vases, green tray and flowers, combined with decorative pillows in green and purple colors

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