Pureness Lamp by Simone Savini, Contemporary Lighting Desgn Idea

modern lighting design

Pureness lamp, innovative modern lighting design


The Pureness lamp looks like an artwork. Its simple round shape and white color emphasize the innovative design idea. Contemporary lighting fixture is designed by Simone Savini and offer a creative and elegant solution to lighten up modern interiors.

This unique lighting fixture features flexible design with energy saving LED lights that make Pureness lamp one of eco friendly products for beautifying home interiors, adding an artistic touch to room decor, saving money on electrical bills and protecting the environment.

The contemporary lighting is a sculptural decor item and unusual home decoration that is functional, stylish and interesting.

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Modern lighting design idea, round shaped LED lamp in white color

Round shape and pleasant glow add softness to modern lighting design. The clean and pure contemporary design, luxurious simplicity and advanced technology make this contemporary lighting fixture a perfect  decoration  for home interiors in minimalist style.

The Pureness lamp will look attractive in any room in a contemporary house. A circle like lamp will be great for teenage bedrooms and young adults room decorating.

Pureness lamp, innovative modern lighting design

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