Modern Pet Design Ideas and Services Add Luxury to Pet Vacation Packages

small dog sunshade
Small dog sunshade, luxurious pet design idea



Modern pet design ideas and services bring luxury into pets life and offer gorgeous retreats with a pet sun shades, delicious snacks and a little pampering to pets traveling with their owners to sunny destinations. Viceroy Riviera Maya resort, located three miles from Playa del Carmen and 35 minutes from Cancun’s international airport, your pet is welcomed to share your fun tropical holiday and gets blessed by a shaman.

The services are called the PetVacay Program at the Viceroy, where your dog can enjoy the same relaxed and pampered luxury that human guests enjoy. Your pet will be blessed by a real shaman, be indulged with favorite foods and truly believe that has landed in Doggie Heaven, – said the resort via press release.

According to the resort, the shaman releases the guests from their cares and worries into a new beginning at the resort. Then a pet gets a special doggie snack. Viceroy Riviera Maya resort looks fancy for humans, providing lots of pampering, spa wraps, day beds at the beach and outdoor massages on the pier. When there is a 50% off sale the guest pays $492.50 per night instead of paying regular $985 US a night.

 Luxurious pet design for vacationing dogs

Small dog sunshade, luxurious pet design idea

It costs extra $50 per night for a small pet, less than 20 lb. Larger dogs are not allowed to stay inside the resort. Bringing a cat or a small dog to Mexico requires an international certificate of good health issued by a veterinarian, plus proof of vaccination against rabies and distemper.

What do you think? would you like your pet to get these luxurious vacation in a beautiful resort, with a personal sun shade, a shaman’s blessing and great snacks on the Mayan Riviera?

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