Modern Interior Design Ideas, Elegant Trends in Decorating Living Spaces

small home office furniture
Elegantly simplified small home office design



Modern interior design ideas become simplified, more functional, creative, and elegant. The latest trends in decorating combine beautiful wallpapers with wall paint to create bright accent walls in airy rooms. The monochromatic interior design looks exciting with vibrant accents, and home decorating appears thoughtful, providing the eyes with places for rest.

Here is the Lushome collection of modern interior design ideas showing how to refresh your favorite trends in decorating and add a stylish look to your rooms. White matte or semi-gloss interior paint for ceilings and walls is a perfect solution. This finish is versatile and suitable for any interior design style, from neo-classic to hi-tech. If you want to accentuate the ceiling, you can use colored interior paint to personalize the room and visually expand the space with a light color.

Interior design ideas mixing neutrals with brown colors

Decorative screens and room dividers, trends in decorating

Modern ideas for decorating with bookcases and bookshelves

Trendy interior design ideas

Contemporary kitchen design, natural materials, neutral colors

Kitchen trends

Geometric wall tiles in brown, modern kitchen backsplash ideas

Contemporary minimalistic kitchen backsplash ideas bring neutral colors and simplified designs. You can add color to your kitchen backsplash design, as deep shades and patterned wall tiles are super modern ideas that instantly add interest to kitchen design.

Modern ideas, recycling glass bottles for interior decorating

Decorating with glass, spectacular architectural designs

Blending plywood with contemporary ideas, modern interior design

Creative designs

Modern kitchen design, space-saving dining furniture

A wall niche for a bed is an excellent solution for small bedroom design. A minimalist-style decorative fireplace is another example of creative design that adds interest to the room that shows the functionality blended with elegant simplicity. Also, decorative room dividers and glass partition walls are modern interior design trends.

Small bedroom design, space-saving wall niche shelves

Contemporary furniture and upcycling

Recycling is one of the latest trends that allows to reuse and recycle old home furnishings, turning them into unique accents. Creative upcycling gives them a new life and offers fantastic ways to personalize modern interiors. However, if you decide to buy new room furniture, choose simplified, elegant designs, and use textiles as home decorations to add stylish accents.

Modern living room furniture

Floor decoration

Everyone enjoys the feel of soft and warm texture under feet, so instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, you can still use warm, natural flooring ideas and add a floor rug made of natural fibers.

Neutral colors, modern living room furniture

Space-saving ideas and decluttering

All room furniture pieces need to be comfortable and space-saving. Decluttering leads to fewer storage spaces you will need. After decluttering, large and small rooms benefit from simplified home furnishings and look more spacious.

Dining table, chairs, wooden furniture
Small bedroom design, accent wall with blue floral wallpaper, pink chandelier, bed upholstery
Elegantly simplified small home office design

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