Modern Interior Design with Handmade Leather and Fur Accessories

handmade leather and fur accessories for modern interior design


Modern interior design with handmade leather and fur accessories or items created with faux fur fabrics looks warm, cozy and luxurious. Are you against killing those precious little creatures with gorgeous fur to create items for modern interior design in Bohemian style? Recycle old fur items and buy decorative accessories made of recycled fur or faux fur fabrics. You can use these modern home accessories, fur pillows and throws, floor rugs and wall decorations while protecting animals.

Recycling fur coats and hats into beautiful, warm and cozy decorative accessories for your home can add glamorous look and natural feel to your interior design and create chic rooms in Bohemian style. The fur accessories, recycled crafts, floor rugs and wall decorations made of eco friendly faux fur fabrics bring fabulous texture and exclusive feel to modern interior design, filling rooms with coziness, warmth and softness.

Handmade pillows and throws, floor rugs and seat covers, made of recycled fur and leather, look amazing and can be used for almost any modern interior design style. Leather and fur accessories are very decorative and tender, and get a lot of attention, adding fantastic accents to modern interior design.

Handmade leather and fur home accessories

Fur throw for living room sofa

People love leather and fur. Handmade home accessories and recycled crafts, created with leather and fur, feel unique and pleasant. People enjoy these beautiful accessories, and want to touch the fur and run their hands across it.

Recycling leather and fur for accessories

So if you have a fur coat in your closet that you dread wearing, but also feel that it is too good to throw away, think about recycling fur for something truly stylish and chic, like fur pillows, throws, floor rugs or wall decorations. Make new home accessories and recycled crafts that will add luxury to modern interior design and that you can enjoy on a daily basis.

Modern furniture made with faux fur fabric, white chair

If you do not have a fur coat or hats, then you can find and use fur clothes in vintage style for your creative recycling ideas and still decorate your rooms with unique and luxurious fur accessories. Search local resale shops, antique shops, garage sales, flea markets or ebay online catalogs. They are good sources for finding vintage fur items.

Animal theme, leather and fur accessories for good Feng Shui home decorating

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Vintage style is one of modern interior design styles. Adding handmade fur accessories created of vintage fur will enhance your room decor and add that old-fashioned, relaxing and warm feel to modern interior design.

Modern dining room decorating with tanned hide floor rug

The influence of leather and fur accessories is seen in fashion and home decorating. Leather and fur accessories are latest trends that bring fabulous items into modern homes.

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Vintage fur items are very affordable, but handmade recycled crafts creates of vintage fur, glamorous and expensive. Handmade leather and fur accessories that can cost you only 20$ – 50 $ transform rooms into rich and stylish Bohemian home interiors.

Modern bedroom decorating with leather and fur accessories, fur throw

Adding leather and fur pillows, throws, floor rugs or wall decorations to your interior design brings some vintage flair that beautify your rooms without breaking the bank.

Leather and fur accessories for modern living room design, hide floor rugs and chair covers

  by Ena Russ   


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