22 Modern Interior Design and Decorating Ideas from Celebrities Bedrooms

modern bedroom ideas from celebrities homes

Striking contemporary bedroom design and decorating in black-n-white


Modern interior design and decorating ideas that reflect the glamor and fame of your favorite celebrities can inspire luxurious, comfortable and impressive bedroom designs. Lushhome shares a collection of spacious and small bedroom designs that actors and actresses enjoy. These bedroom designs show off the good life and have the luxury in their homes.

These modern and comfortable bedroom ideas are personal and fascinating, while elegant and inspiring. These bedroom designs provide many attractive ideas for modern interior design and decorating ordinary homes turning them into chic living spaces. Steal these bedroom ideas for your own bedroom design and decorating and apply them for your beautiful room makeovers.

The celebrity bedroom designs can not be copied exactly, but ca be used as inspiring works of modern interior decorating. A diva-inspired bedroom design and decor is right for all who like classic style. Adding a classical flair to your bedroom design creates a luxurious look and exclusive feel that make a statement.

22 modern bed headboard ideas adding creative to bedroom designs

Modern bedroom designs

Stunning white decorating ideas and colorful accents for small bedroom designs

Beds are the most important furniture in all bedrooms, and creative or classic bed headboard ideas can define the style and atmosphere in a room. Vintage style headboards and unusual bed designs with unique details are great for bringing elegant chic into modern bedroom designs.

After choosing a bed, especially a bed headboard design, all bedroom furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures and wall decorations are easy to conceptualize. Adding soft natural fabrics and light bedroom colors bring comfort into modern bedroom designs. Wooden bedroom furniture and natural textures create relaxing, warm and beautiful bedroom designs.

Wooden ceiling design, large window and colorful bedroom furniture, modern bedroom design ideas

The decoration patterns and wall paint colors, the bedding fabrics and window curtains or shades are the keys in achieving the cozy and comfortable feel in a bedroom. Decorative pillows are great bedroom accessories which help unite interior design and decorating ideas by shapes, colors and textures.

15 interesting bed headboard ideas

Top 10 modern bedroom design trends and decorating ideas

Lots of pillows look welcoming and chic, cozy and sexy, elegant and beautiful, especially when pillows are in complimenting or contrasting colors. Pillows can harmonize bedroom designs in vibrant colors and add striking accents to bedroom decorating in light neutral colors. The wooden furniture adds coziness and warmth to the ambiance of the room and look harmonious with any room colors.

Contrasting black and white for bedroom design and decorating

Choosing bright bedroom colors or neutral color combinations with monochromatic hues depends on the size of your bedroom and the effect you want to create in your room. Playing with bright bedroom colors bring more fun and energy into interior design. The combinations of vibrant hues with quiet neutral colors create interest and enrich bedroom decorating.

Modern bedroom decorating ideas for beautiful rooms

21 modern bedroom ideas creating unique bedroom designs

Celebrities lives are open to the world, and celebrity homes are the most accessible way to explore their bedrooms, learn creative and unique interior design ideas and decorating tricks that can be used for your bedroom decorating. Trying to keep bedroom designs affordable as possible can unleash your imagination. Sticking to your budget encourage to come up with unique and creative ideas for your modern bedroom design and decorating.

Black and white bedroom design ideas
Striking contemporary bedroom design and decorating in black-n-white
Wood and leather furniture for bedroom decorating in classic style

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