Top 10 Modern Bedroom Design Trends and Decorating Ideas

bedroom colors, modern furniture and wall decoration ideas

Modern bedroom design trends and decorating ideas bring balance of neutral colors and bright rich accents, smooth surfaces and textured fabrics, stylish home furnishings and traditional comfortable decor items. Modern bedroom design trends and decorating ideas for 2015 is a blend of trendy, fresh and exciting with familiar, relaxing and comfortable.

Creative and modern bedroom design trends and decorating ideas give fabulous opportunities everyone to create unique home interiors that reflect personality and show off character, help to relax and create very stylish living spaces that make a statement.

Lushome shares beautiful photographs demonstrating the modern bedroom design trends 2015 and providing great inspirations for experimenting with various decorating ideas that create bright and cozy, balanced and harmonious, comfortable and stylish rooms.

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Modern bedroom design trends and decorating ideas

Modern bedroom design and decorating with bright rich colors

Blending traditional with fresh, innovative and surprising adds a new look to modern bedroom design and decorating in 2015.

1. Antique furniture, decor accessories or details and bedroom decorating ideas inspired by Medieval decor is one of interesting bedroom design trends that creates an exciting fusion of styles and a modern mix of classic and contemporary.

Modern bedroom design and decorating with neutral colors, bedroom design by i3 design group

Medieval decor ideas, paintings and tapestries can be combined with abstract paintings and artworks in contemporary style. Antique furniture and decor accessories enrich modern bedroom design and decorating with contemporary furniture and lighting fixtures. Soft curved and carved wood details work well together with simple clean lines in modern bedrooms, and bright accents beautifully accentuate modern bedroom design in neutral colors.

Modern bedroom decorating with accents inspired by Medieval times, bedroom design by Chris Nguyen, Analog–Dialog

2. Retro modern bedroom design and decorating ideas include retro furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures and beautiful wallpapers from 60s.

Retro modern bedroom design and decorating ideas, bedroom design by Jamie Bush & Co.

3. Country home decorating ideas, crafts and vintage pieces, like an old sewing machine or DIY headboard design, homemade bed throws, quilts or metal bird cages, combined with rustic wood and handmade furnishings, lace and textured bedding fabrics, define one of the most relaxing, nostalgic and meaningful bedroom design trends for 2015.

Rustic wood and elegant natural bedroom colors, modern bedroom design trends 2015

4. Small details and home decorations in golden colors, bright yellow accents and warm yellow color shades are popular color trends in decorating modern bedrooms.

Golden decorations and yellow color shades, modern bedroom decorating ideas from Joel Dessaules Design

5. Beds with metal frames and interior decorating with metal mirror frames, chandeliers and night tables are modern bedroom design trends 2015.

Metal home decorations, bird cages, modern bedroom decorating ideas

6. Uniquely decorated lampshades bring fabulous designs into bedroom decor and create a very special atmosphere.

Yellow color shades, unique decoration patterns, beautiful lamps for modern bedroom decorating, bedroom design by Jeffers Design Group

7. Wooden wall design and large windows providing gorgeous views of lush vegetation in the garden are great bedroom design trends that add natural and peaceful feel to modern home interiors. Houseplants are simple and cheap decorations that transform the overall atmosphere in the bedroom. Even small bedroom design greatly benefits from green house plants, living wall design or a creative vertical garden. All green colors can be used for modern bedroom design and decorating to add a relaxing look and a natural feel that refresh any bedroom.

Wood and classic elements of modern bedroom design and decorating

8. Tropical bedroom decorating ideas add exotic motifs and pleasant details to modern bedroom design, helping people to relax and rejuvenate while enjoying bright floral patterns and interesting green leaves shapes.

Oriental interior decorating ideas and tropical themes. modern bedroom design trends 2015

9. Fresh flowers, simple bouquets and beautiful floral arrangements bring romance and elegance into modern bedroom design and decorating.

Natural wood and fresh flowers, modern bedroom decorating ideas

10. Bright and rich bedroom colors add a glamorous feel to design trends. Yellow color shades and golden colors, light and deep purple colors or warm orange color shades are popular choices for adding striking accents to modern bedroom design. Saturated and rich room colors are super modern bedroom design trends and decorating with bright accents add energy to quiet and versatile neutral color schemes.

Rich bedroom colors, modern interior design trends 2015, bedroom decorating by RSVP Design Services
Modern bedroom design by Supon Phornirunlit and Naked Decor
Retro modern bedroom design and decorating by Kropat Interior Design

Rustic wood and elegant natural bedroom colors, modern bedroom design trends 2015
Modern bedroom design trends and decorating ideas from Dianne Davant and Associates
Modern bedroom interior by NXG Studio

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