10 Modern Bedroom Design Trends and Decorating Ideas Creating Beautiful Rooms

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If you know modern bedroom design trends it is easy to select stylish furniture, accessories and bedroom decorating ideas that reflect your personality while adding elegant look and modern colors to your home. Lushome shares modern home decorating ideas that demonstrate popular bedroom design trends and give great inspirations for creating stylish and cozy, large and small bedrooms.

Modern bedroom design and decorating do not require spending lots of money on expensive materials and exclusive designer furniture or lighting fixtures. Cheap and easy bedroom decorating ideas that reflect the latest trends can dramatically change the most intimate rooms and create pleasant, comfortable and stylish retreats.

There are ten bedroom design trends and decorating ideas which can be used for your room redesign. The latest trends and modern ideas for bedroom decorating can be mixed and combined with your own creative solutions and favorite room colors for designing truly intimate living spaces.

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Modern bedroom design trends

Elegant fusion of styles for modern bedroom design and decorating

1. A fusion of styles is a wonderful way to personalize modern bedroom design. It is a great way to show off your creativity and add character to your bedroom decorating. Interesting combinations of different textures, shapes, patterns and room colors reflect Eastern and Western trends in decorating modern bedrooms.

2. Natural materials and neutral colors, inspired by them are modern bedroom design trends. The combinations of cotton and wool, silk and leather add an advantageous look to beds and bedroom design, especially in retro styles.

Natural materials for bedroom furniture and natural room colors

3. Middle East and oriental interior decorating ideas are great for modern bedroom design and decorating. Floral patterns and delicate flower designs, ethnic motifs and original graphics create exciting and unusual look in modern bedroom. Handmade floor carpets from Eastern countries, vintage decor and oriental interior decorating patterns from Turkey create fabulous, unique and bold look.

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4. Spectacular displays of pillows with embroidery, geometric prints and floral patterns are one of simple and functional modern bedroom design trends that add character to decorating ideas.

Bright and unique decorative pillows for modern bedroom decorating

5. Beautiful wallpapers and fabric wall coverings that imitate various textures or bring floral patterns define modern bedroom design trends that are romantic and interesting.

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6. Refined and elegant beds are contemporary trend in decorating modern bedrooms. Instead of heavy and massive frames, modern bedroom furniture look lighter and simpler. Made of walnut, oak, elm and alder, modern beds show off creative shapes and contemporary design. Modern beds, inspired by the style of 50s and 60s blend the traditional material and shapes with new contemporary technology, offering beautiful, comfortable and modern bedroom furniture for any taste.

Modern bedroom furniture and natural bedding fabrics

7. Modern bedroom lighting design include ceiling lights, table lamps, pendant lights and wall lighting fixtures. Artworks and book shelves can be highlighted by accent lights.

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8. Sophisticated room colors, warm creamy beige tones and subdued color shades of beige and ash tones are modern bedroom design trends that make decorating more interesting and creative. These room colors are the perfect backdrop for bright accents. Textiles and artworks, home decorations and lamp shades in wonderful shades of turquoise blue color, aqua and light green colors, fuchsia or coral shades make modern bedroom design and decorating not only stylish and original, but also evoke positive emotions.

Modern bedroom design in neutral colors with bright orange accents

9. Accent walls, photo panels, large paintings and fabric wall decor are modern bedroom design trends that add fun to decorating while creating elegance and gorgeous look.

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10. Bedroom ceiling designs can be simple or decorated in a creative and unusual way. Wood ceiling designs created with laminate or modern wallpaper, bring amazing wood texture into large and small bedrooms. Wood patterns and textures add warmth, style and natural look to bedroom design and decorating, turning the rooms into cozy and inviting retreats.

Creative ceiling designs for modern bedrooms

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