Modern Interior Design and Decor Inspired by Fashion Trends and Stylish Color Shades

decorating small apartments with blue and yellow colors

Modern interior design in turquoise blue and yellow colors


Modern interior design and decor, combined with vivid blue and yellow room colors inspired by fashion trends transform the Residences Kuala Lumpur into glamorous, stylish and attractive living spaces. Elegant and spectacular interior design and decor envisioned by Blu Water Studio, blend comfort and functionality with the high fashion, offering top notch, sophisticated and exclusive modern interiors.

Beautiful interior design and decor, creative ideas and stylish blue and yellow room colors reflect living trends from the most prestigious catwalks, turning home interiors into colorful, inviting and exquisite living spaces. Representing innovative styles of the new designers generation, unconventional and brave interior design and decor ideas add chic and a contemporary flair to decorating small apartments with a touch of stylish blue and yellow colors.

According to the fashion style of designer Heider Ackermann, interesting solutions, fabulous decor and vibrant blue and yellow color shades complement and highlight relaxing interior design and neutral colors, creating comfortable and impressive living spaces. Bright and subtle room colors, jazzed up with rich blue and yellow color combination, feel cheerful, optimistic and relaxing.

Modern interior design and decor ideas emphasized by stylish room colors

Decorating small apartments with unique furniture and stylish room colors

Elegant and soothing gray color shades create a gorgeous background for the abundant exposure of turquoise blue and yellow colors. Tinted wall mirrors intensify these room colors, reflecting them into the home interiors and increasing the wonderful sense of spaciousness.

Soft and romantic pinkish purple color shades add a stylish touch to modern interior design and decor that are inspired by the silhouettes of Ackerman’s clothes visually stretching rooms vertically and harmonizing small spaces.

Elegant interior design ideas and modern room colors for decorating small apartments

Light and elegant home decor, mirrored surfaces and transparent room furniture help to open up small spaces and add an airy feel to decorating small apartments. The fascinating reflections from pendant lights and soft curvy shapes of modern room furniture and lighting fixtures complete and enhance modern interior design in the distinct style.

Decorating small apartments blending colorful home accessories and white room colors

Parisian penthouse, apartment ideas and modern interior design

Unique room furniture, especially a flower-inspired chair in yellow color, pinkish purple color shades and soft brown colors create an exclusive, romantic and glamorous look. The sculptural yellow armchair blend the tender flower charm with the diagonal lines of masculine Ackermann designs, adding a unique centerpiece to bespoke, luxurious and modern interior design that brightens up small spaces.

Modern interior design in turquoise blue and yellow colors

Pleat accent wall in the living area is made of vinyl timber and adds the fabric’s flexibility to modern interior design. The pinkish purple color shades and creative layering used throughout the apartment add the touch of mystery and intrigue to modern interior design and decor which is versatile and suitable for both sexes.

Space saving apartment ideas and storage furniture effectively utilizing small spaces

Decorating small apartments with purple accents and creating spacious modern interior design

Monochrome neutral colors with the elegant black and gray color shades or comfortable brown colors are spiced up with blue and yellow color combination, rich green or vibrant and bold pinkish purple color shades. The blooming flower chair stands out in the center of the living space. This high designer furniture piece in the shape of over-sized yellow flower adds a gorgeous textural feel to the modern interior design and decor, highlighting the textural richness of the carpet, window curtains and decorative pillows.

Flower shaped chair in yellow color adding a unique touch to modern interior design

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