Modern House Design with Warm Wooden Interiors and Modernist Feel

wood furniture and wooden interior design ideas


This modern house is in Portland. Warm and welcoming wooden exterior and interior design ideas create a beautiful home with a spacious feel and a stylish look. Gorgeous wood is a natural material that is timelessly elegant, pleasant and very decorative. Modern interior design with wooden elements is contemporary and cozy, functional and welcoming.

Beautiful yard landscaping ideas and tiles driveways set the mood for viewing this modern house. Large windows and glass doors connect home interiors with a small courtyard and front yard landscaping creating a sense of spaciousness and style. Wooden ceiling and floating wood stairs, wooden furniture and floor are blended with white decorating ideas and home furnishings in neutral colors, adding elegance to modern interior design and decor.

Wooden architectural designs are warm and impressive. Wood is an excellent building and decorating material that connect people to the nature. Wooden interior design ideas feel nostalgic, sentimental and familiar, creating cozy and relaxing modern houses in eco style.

Wood interior design ideas

Wooden dining furniture and kitchen cabinets

Wood furniture, floor, ceiling and wall cabinets create gorgeous living spaces, ideal for relaxation and entertaining with family and friends. Wood looks fantastic with glass and concrete, metal and all home fabrics, uniting building and decorating materials into a harmonious interior design and decor.

Built on a street with a subtle slope to the west and the south, the modern house features interior design that is alive with daylight that brightens up rooms on even the grayest of days. Large sliding exterior louvers modulate the light in different seasons to assure comfort with changing sun conditions. The house design is envisioned by Corey Martin who has a passion for natural lighting. Modern interior design with a modernist vibe connect home interiors with outdoor living spaces while providing privacy and a sense of enclosure.

Sliding glass doors and wooden kitchen cabinets

The house is organized with kitchen and dining area on the main level with a spectacular glass wall design. The living room and media area are on the second level which has a multifunctional room with built in desks and storage spaces and can be used as a guest room with a fold-down bed.

Modern house design blending stone, steel and wood into Modernist box with glass walls

Spectacular modern house design delights with wood and glass architectural elements

Modern interior design and decorating with plywood appeal

The third floor has the master bedroom with spa like bathroom, walk-in closet, laundry and sleeping porch. The third floor also has a wonderfully crafted office with views out to the west towards downtown and the hills. The green roof makes up the fourth level with a deck and panoramic 360 degree views. A separate free standing building at the back of the lot is a studio/guest house with a sauna and full bath.

Wooden kitchen island design
Living room design and floating wood stairs

Modern house exterior design

Attractive wooden house exterior design with glass doors, tiled driveway

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