KLIKO Kids Furniture and Toys Blend Fun into Inflatable Furniture Design Ideas

inflatable kids furniture and toys for indoor and outdoor

Inflatable kids furniture and toys, creative kids playroom ideas


KLIKO is a set of inflatable blocks for creative indoor and outdoor furniture design. The lightweight blocks make wonderful kids toys and can be used in swimming pools also. The kids furniture and toys set is compact and allows to create large structures, kids furniture and floating toys with its light inflatable blocks. Kids can design any playful structures or build a lounge chair, a house, a raft or fortress of these weightless modules.

The KLIKO set is created by Rodion Zenevich, a designer from Latvia. Inflatable kids furniture set features eyelets that allow create various connections and secure blocks while building a lot of various and interest kids toys and playful structures. The blocks are durable and strong, designed to withstand even the most active use.

Perfect kids playroom ideas, these light and creative inflatable kids furniture pieces make great kids toys for outdoor and can be used as floating chairs and mattresses in swimming pools. The KLIKO set is compact, so will not take lots of storage spaces, offering fun and joy without storage problems. Deflated kids furniture modules get really small and allow easy transportation.

Inflatable kids furniture for interior decorating and outdoor living spaces

Inflatable kids furniture and toys, creative kids playroom ideas

The inflatable kids furniture set features sustainable design elements. It is designed from scraps of fabrics left over from banners production. The set is simple, lightweight, functional and interesting, offering great kids playroom ideas and outdoor kids toys.

Developing eco friendly products for children is a pleasure. Seeing children enjoying functional and interesting decor items and kids toys is a great inspiration for the designer. He wants to create eco friendly products that will stimulate and encourage kids imagination for active play.

Outdoor furniture and kids toys

Inflatable blocks for kids furniture and toys

The inflatable kids furniture set will be loved by kids and their parents. The playful inflatable block are wonderful for creating fun furniture design for adults also. Outdoor ottomans and benches, hanging hammocks and chairs are fantastic kids playroom ideas that can be used by adults indoor or outdoor.

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These blocks are interesting, creative and eco friendly  products, which encourage the whole family to spend more time together and have lots of fun.

Floating kids toys

Floating kids toys

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  last updated: 30.05.2013


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