Kid Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas Creating Safe Rooms

child friendly bathroom
Yellow and green colors, a double sink, modern bathroom design


Safety is a critical factor in kids’ designs. No matter how stylish and beautiful their rooms look, safety and comfort are the first things to consider when designing and decorating a bathroom for your child. Kids’ safety is also essential when all family members share one bathroom. Here are tips for kids’ bathroom design that experts provide to create a safe and comfortable room for children.

Non-slip flooring ideas, light interior design, proper plumbing, warm floors, non-slip floor rugs, socket covers, a stable low bench, a nightlight, and wooden or metal bath accessories – these requirements increase safety in the bathroom.

Kid-friendly bathroom sinks

20 modern ideas for kids’ room design and decorating

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Kids’ bathroom design ideas

Colorful and playful kids bathroom design

A bathroom designed with the utmost care and love for young children is a nice, warm, comfortable, and well-illuminated space. Think of kids’ bathroom functionality first and use every design and decorating idea to improve the environment to make it safe. Then add vibrant colors and bright decorations. Safe and colorful are two things essential for beautiful and modern kids’ bathroom design.

Bright kids bathroom design ideas

Playful, safe bathroom design ideas for kids

Colorful kids bathroom fixtures and furniture

Flooring ideas

Kids play anywhere they come. The right floor design and decoration reduce the risk of serious injury in the kids’ bathroom. If you choose floor tiles, go for a matte finish and textured tile designs. If you prefer to use laminate or wood flooring, choose a rough texture and high-quality materials for kids’ bathroom design.

Kid-friendly bathroom design with a double sink

Light interior design

Heavy bathroom furniture, unstable objects, flimsy shelves, or tall cabinets are dangerous ideas for small children. It is better to have light shelves attached low enough so children could easily reach them. Stable cabinets are fine, especially models with massive bases instead of legs.

White bathroom design with a pull-out pedestal

Small sinks

Shallow bathtubs, small sinks, and a child’s toilet are perfect for creating safe and comfortable bathroom designs for children. A low toilet, the height is less than 1 ft, is preferable for young kids.

Colorful small sink for children, design by Agatha Ruiz & Lauren

Warm floors

A floor heating system is an excellent solution, but soft rubberized rugs near the bathtub and sink work well also. Bath rugs protect children’s feet from cold and make visiting their bathrooms pleasant and fun.

Light bathroom design, warm floor rugs, a storage bench with cushions
Small child’s toilet
Under sink cabinet on casters


Kids’ bathroom without socket is the safest. Existing sockets should be covered, hidden to protect small children.  It is a great idea to keep switches outside the bathroom.

Step bench

A small, durable bench or a stable pedestal helps a child reach a sink mounted at a standard height. Even better if you can use an adjustable pipe system to mount a sink until your kid reaches a certain age. A cabinet built into the structure under the sink and moving out on casters is another great idea for kids’ bathroom design. Using an ordinary chair near a sink in the kids’ bathroom is unsafe. 6 – 10 inches bench or stool with widely spaced legs is suitable.


A simple light source can illuminate the bathroom at night. Bathroom lighting with shades and a nightlight create a comfortable and safe environment for kids in the bathroom.

Yellow and green colors, a double sink, modern bathroom design

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