Interior Decorating with Beautiful Bulb Flowers Growing Indoors, Eco Friendly Ideas

creative containers indoor flowers
Growing indoors spring flowers, creative containers


Here are Lushome tips and inspiring eco-friendly ideas for winter decorating with growing-indoors spring flowers. You can enjoy gorgeous blooms right inside your home in winter and early spring, no matter the weather. Inside gardens are great eco-friendly projects with spring bulbs to force them to bloom in your winter home. Bright daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, crocuses, paperwhites, and irises bring spring spirit with vibrant colors and sweet scents. Spring flowers can naturally cheer up winter decorating and add elegant, eco-friendly accents to home decor.

You can skip the soil and make beautiful flowers sprout in water like hyacinths and crocuses. Use a narrow-necked vase that holds the bulb just above the waterline. It is best to put it in a cool, dark place until roots fully form and stems grow. When sprouts are 2 to 4 inches tall, move the vase with bulbs to a warm, sunny room to enjoy watching how the beautiful flowers come to life, surprising you with vibrant colors.

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Growing in water spring flowers

1. Potting the bulbs

Fill an attractive container with moist potting mix or pebbles if you are planting hyacinths and paperwhites. Plant each bulb root side down in a shallow hole, 1 to 2 inches deep, exposing a tip. Keep bulbs from touching one another.

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2. Cooling down

Pre-chilled bulbs are ready to grow; others should go to a dark, chilly spot, such as a garage, unheated sunroom, porch, or fridge with a temperature of 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 weeks.

Potted spring flowers

3. Watering

Make sure the potting mix stays moist. The first flower tips appear within a few weeks. Once the emerging sprouts are an inch high, move the container into a cool, dim room for about a week.

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4. Light

Move your flower pots into a bright room to encourage them to bloom. Continue to water, keeping the soil damp. If the stems become tall or top-heavy, insert a slender stake into the pot to support the blooms.

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Eco-friendly decorating with flowers

Modern living room decorating with potted flowers
Growing-indoor spring flowers, living room decorating ideas
Eco-friendly interior decorating with potted flowers
Wooden box with tulips
Growing-indoors spring flowers, creative containers

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