How to Refresh Cottage Decor and Save Money with Vintage Furniture and Accessories

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white bedroom vintage furniture accessories
Cottage decor ideas, white bedroom decorating with vintage furniture, accessories, beautiful textiles


Cottage decorating is always a fun and exciting project, especially if you want to save money while refreshing your countryside retreat. At the start, using your existing furniture and accessories and blending them with new pieces can become overwhelming. Here is a Lushome collection of cottage decor ideas that can inspire you and show simple ways to save money by rearranging what you already have in your home. Let’s look at simple, frugal, and attractive home decorating ideas that help update your cottage decor without buying new things.

The cottage decor is relaxing and inviting. You can use vintage furniture, accessories, retro-modern lighting fixtures, and handmade home decorations to give them a new life in a different place. What to update depends on your cottage decor style, taste, budget, and desired effect. However, if you are willing to recycle and upcycle, put in the time and effort to rearrange your furnishings and add brighter shades to your room colors. Changing your cottage decor can be a lot of fun. You create glowing, beautiful, modern home interiors while keeping your cottage decor cozy and saving money.

Comfortable and cozy cottage decor in neutral colors

Green colors and Scandinavian-style cottage decor ideas

The rustic beauty of natural materials in modern cottage decorating

Frugal and inspiring cottage decor ideas

White paint for wooden ceilings, cottage walls, doors, and furniture

Upcycling and painting

Painting walls, ceilings, and furniture is a great way to update cottage interiors, give the living spaces a fresh look, and fill the rooms with personality. Here are some tips for painting vintage furniture. Quality paint is a must. Prepare surfaces, clean them from dust and dirt, degrease, and treat them with a primer for better paint adhesion. Apply the paint in 2-3 layers, allowing each layer to dry. Once the paint is completely dry, protect the surfaces with a protective varnish for added durability and stain resistance.

Small cottage decor ideas, cheap home decorations for quick room makeover

Wicker furniture and accessories, modern cottage decor

Shabby-chic decorating ideas, vintage furniture, accessories

Room colors

Choose the color scheme considering the overall style of your cottage decor and your preferences. You may tire of bright room colors, so choose calmer tones, like off-whites and pastels, to create comfortable and visually more spacious cottage decor.

White paint and floral wallpaper for beautiful cottage decorating

Cheap cottage decorations

Houseplants and edible herbs growing on windowsills make perfect, beautiful, and cheap home decorations. Houseplants are excellent cottage decor accessories that bring gorgeous green colors and unique textures into the tooms and enhance cottage decor. You can decorate windows, shelves, and table tops with original planters or use space-saving hanging pots for a different look.

Vintage furniture, toys, and accessories, kid’s room design in cottage style

You can rearrange vintage furniture and accessories, retro-modern lighting fixtures, and old home textiles to save money on buying new furnishings for your cottage. You can recycle what you already have, upcycle, blend old and new furnishings in your brighter interiors, add modern prints or wall decorations, bring beautiful flowers, and play with decorative details to create comfortable, stylish, and fresh cottage decor.

Living room designs


Cottage-style living room design

Dining room decorating

White dining room decorating ideas, crystal chandelier, round table, chair covers

Cottage kitchen designs

White kitchen furniture, upholstered island stools, retro-modern lighting

Bedroom decorating ideas

Cottage decor ideas, white bedroom decorating with vintage furniture, accessories, beautiful textiles

Cottage entryway ideas

Entryway ideas, vintage furniture, accessories, home textiles, original front door

Small bathroom decorating

Small bathroom design in vintage style

Veranda and porch decorating ideas

White dining room decorating ideas, crystal chandelier, round table, chair covers
Summer porch decorating ideas, outdoor rooms
Veranda decorating ideas, wood furniture, natural fibers, white- gray floor rug with geometric patterns

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