How to Design Rooms that Stay Modern and Comfortable for Years

wooden furniture living room

Wood living room furniture and houseplants, modern room design trends


Minimalist interiors are one of the most convenient ways to keep your rooms modern, clutter-free, and comfortable. Scandinavian homes look elegant and bright, providing great inspirations for creating timelessly modern interiors in the functional, minimalist style. Design trends change every year, but there are a few tips that can help you save money on decorating while enjoying modern interior design for years. Simplified room designs offer the luxury of the flexibility of transformations.

Lushome shares practical and modern ideas to keep your home interiors look stylish and attractive. These home staging tips will save money, keeping your home interiors looking beautiful and contemporary without changing your decor often. Follow the home staging tips below and use the modern ideas that save money on timelessly stylish interior design.

Home staging tips

Creating bright and modern interiors, home staging tips

Intelligent interior design on a small budget

Home staging tips to make small rooms look spacious and light

Cheap ideas to improve small spaces

Home staging tips for budget-friendly room decorating

1. Create an ergonomic room design with comfortable furniture placement.

Comfortable and modern bedroom design with a seating area, white-blue bedroom colors
Modern living room design with ergonomic furniture placement, blue and yellow room colors

2. Get rid of clutter and simplify your room decorating.

Room divider, small storage ideas for decluttering
Clutter-free living room design, warm neutral colors, accents in pastels

3. Think of multifunctional lighting design and add a few efficient lighting fixtures to your modern interior.

Comfortable living room design in Scandinavian style, functional lighting design
Blue and yellow living room furniture, crystal chandelier, table lamps, functional lighting design

4. Use natural materials and fibers.

Folding room divider, wood
Metal, wood, natural fibers, timelessly modern decorating materials

5. Choose light hues and neutral color tones for walls and accents.

Light neutral color tones for comfortable, peaceful, modern bedroom design
Contemporary kitchen design with white cabinets and light wood dining furniture

6. Inexpensive decorative accessories are easy to change. Bringing new items every season or every year helps beautifully style your room and save money on decorating.

Modern decorative accessories to give a stylish touch to living spaces
Faux fur blanket and pillow, modern decorative accessories, cheap ideas for styling rooms

7. Consider elegant, medium-weight, or light-weight window curtains in solid colors.

Light window curtains and matching decorative accessories for modern bedroom design
Modern living room design in neutral colors

8. Add an abstract element, paintings, designs, or accents. Geometric patterns and abstract works are always in style.

Vibrant wall art, white living room furniture with colorful decorative pillows and metal table lamps
Abstract artwork and houseplants, white living room design in Scandinavian style

9. Mix warm color shades with tender pastels and neutral color tones.

Modern bedroom decorating accessories, yellow bed headboard and pillows
Mixing neutral colors with warm accents, modern living room design

10. Blend textures creating additional interest.

Metal and wood shelving, abstract wall art, metal planters, blending various textures into modern interior design
Concrete kitchen island design and wooden cabinets, stylish blend of textures

11. Bring metal accents and shiny, glossy objects into your room.

Metal lighting fixtures, globe lights, modern dining room decorating
Metal accents in modern living room, decorative bowls

12. Use green houseplants and fresh flowers to harmonize your interior design.

Houseplants in interior decorating
Wood living room furniture and houseplants, modern room design trends

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