12 Home Staging Tips to Make Small Rooms Look Lighter and More Spacious

silver metalic wallpaper
Silver metallic wallpaper, writing deck, metal lamp



Home staging is an art of transforming living spaces into modern, spacious, and light interiors. Lushome offer helpful and practical home staging tips to add a light feel to your rooms and increase their appeal. The first thing is to get rid of old draperies and allow more natural light to come into your space. Getting rid of clutter, heavy fabrics, using light room colors, natural materials, and shiny objects help make home interiors stylishly light and airy.

Here are the secrets of creating a brighter atmosphere in your rooms and making small spaces feel breezy. Easy to follow home staging tips help transform large and small rooms into attractive, beautiful, elegantly decorated living spaces.

White decorating, plenty of light, home staging tips for decorating small spaces

Home staging tips

Attractive bathroom decorating, home staging tips

Home staging tips for spacious and modern kitchens

Home staging tips for creating the timeless appeal

1. Decorating windows with space-saving, attractive, and functional Roman shades.

Roman shades and blinds in light blue and green colors

2. Adding wall mirrors, polished metal accents, and shiny tiles to your interior design.

Rectangular wall mirror, console table, lamp

3. Choosing cool color palette for room decorating, off-white, light beige, elegant grays, pale greens and blue color tones.

Freestanding mirror, white frame, blue paint
Cool interior colors, blue accents. living room furniture

4. Painting wood furniture light colors.

White paint for wood furniture

5. Using room furniture made of wood in light shades, glass, and transparent plastic.

Designer furniture, wooden stool
Clear plastic furniture and glass for interior decorating, glass desk, home office chair in a vintage style

6. Painting walls pale pastels or adorning accent walls with beautiful wallpapers in pastel tones.

Pastel color palette, modern wallpaper, horizontal pattern

7. Brighten up white ceilings by adding large ceiling lights, especially crystal chandeliers.

Dining room decorating, white colors, floral chandelier
Chandelier, white bedroom decorating

8. Creating accent walls with metallic wallpapers.

Silver metallic wallpaper, writing deck, metal lamp
Living room design, gold metallic wallpaper

9. Bringing metallic and mirrored pieces, room furniture or decorative accessories.

Polished metal and metallic paint colors, gold dog accent
Mirrored wall sticker, snowflake on the wall painted a neutral color

1o. Adding horizontal lines to walls with wall shelves, large pieces of furniture, modern wallpaper or painted patterns.

White storage furniture, shelves with houseplants
Shelves for book storage, small niche shelf

11. Creating the Ombre effect which stretches home interiors visually and adds a contemporary vibe to wall decorating.

Bathroom decorating, Ombre painting in blue colors
White and blue paint colors, Ombre effect, a monochromatic palette for wall painting

12. Playing with geometric patterns, shapes, and linear designs to balance your room dimensions and harmonize small spaces.

Table, tulip chairs in white, geometric shelving in blue

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