How to Choose Modern Tableware to Match Interior Design Styles

two tone golden white dishes

Contemporary design, two-tone design, golden-white dinnerware


Beautiful color design and contemporary forms turn modern tableware into gorgeous home decorations. Attractive and elegant table settings give aesthetic pleasure and create comfortable coziness that blends creative art into functional decor accessories. Here is the Lushome collection of dishes and cups that demonstrate modern tableware design trends and color combinations.

Also, there are tips for selecting the best tableware for your home that is a perfect match for your kitchen and dining room design style. Today it is easy to find practical, high-quality, and beautiful dishes, as well as kitchen utensils and cookware. Beautiful designs, creative shapes, exciting decoration patterns, and modern colors amplify the beauty of new tableware and add essential elements to stylish table settings to create unique dining experiences.

Modern tableware or delicious treats? Edible coffee cups

Crumbled and knitted ceramic tableware, creative design ideas

Modern dinnerware, design trends, table setting ideas

Modern tableware

Stylish kitchen accessories and wood bowls

Matching room decorating styles

Rustic ceramic tableware fits perfectly with kitchen decorating in Art Nouveau style. Dishes with a bright pattern are ideal for a boho-style table setting. Unusual dish shapes and creative ornaments help emphasize your individuality, while attractive combinations of clay plates and wooden spoons make the table setting look natural and harmonious.

Stylish colors and design styles, modern tableware

Unique tableware design ideas

Design trends in modern tableware and table decoration

Ceramic tableware is practical, easy to use, and classic. Glass items in retro-modern styles show stylish grooved designs and a wide variety of shapes that make exciting additions to elegant table settings in retro styles. There are kids’ designs, classic and contemporary tableware for every taste and interior design style.

Kitchen trends in retro styles, grooved dishes

Modern color design and decoration patterns

Black and white prints, blue-white color combinations, and pale pink pastels turn dishes into modern and desirable. Green leaf, checks, polka dots, abstract geometric patterns, classic stripes, other geometric patterns, rustic textures, grooves surfaces, and wood dishes are beautiful trends in decorating using modern tableware pieces.

Blue colors, contemporary design, modern dishes
Elegant ceramic plates with leaf patterns, modern kitchen trends

Unique designs

Creative dishes in various shapes
Original teacup design
Original plate design

Handmade tableware

Handmade designs, floral, green leaf patterns, modern tableware in bright colors
Original tableware design, hand-painted teapot

Kids’ designs

Bright paintings on kids’ dishes
Animal-themed dishes
Beautiful plates with cats, kids’ designs
Vintage-style tableware, blue-white colors, kitchen trends
Modern dishes in soft pastel colors, kitchen trends
Contemporary design, two-tone design, golden-white dinnerware

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