Modern Tableware Sets Showing Latest Trends and Stylish Colors

contemporary tableware in bright colors
Creative contemporary tableware and modern color design



Latest trends in modern tableware design reflect innovative and impressive contemporary art and fashion trends. Fabulous and spectacular, modern tableware design trends are influenced by modern ideas and bring contemporary and classic dinnerware sets, offering table decor ideas for every taste and style.

High-quality and luxury cookware and dinnerware are designed for bringing more comfort into homes and creating unique dining experience enriched by beautiful and innovative, romantic and surprising dinnerware sets. Modern tableware shows gorgeous design trends that delight and amaze, adorning dining tables and creating fabulous experience.

The top latest trends in modern tableware will help to select the best dinnerware sets for your kitchen and dining room decorating and add a personal touch to your home decorating.

Modern tableware design trends

Modern blue color for modern tableware design

The color has always been one of the most important elements of tableware design. A new approach to trendy color design creates modern tableware that us cheerful, bright and exciting.

Color design is the main tool for personalizing home interiors and adding unique character to table decor. Elegant, attractive and modern color design adds positive energy to modern dinnerware sets, encouraging mix different colors and express a variety of emotions.

Orange color trend in modern dinnerware design
Rich red colors, modern tableware design
Modern color design, purple and pink with natural green color combination

Modern tableware with floral designs

Elegant plates and salad bowls made of opal glass and other hard materials reminiscent of natural stones bring subtle charm and natural soft colors, decorating modern dinnerware items with floral motifs. These modern tableware designs can be combined with romantic scalloped edges and bright graphics. Asymmetrical floral designs, delicate color shades are modern design trends that adorn dining tables with creative patterns.

Modern tableware with large single floral designs

Delicate color shades of lilac and pink are complemented by bright orange, blue and green colors. Modern tableware with elegant floral designs brings gorgeous style into table decor, Modern floral designs are romantic and beautiful, a perfect way to compliment everyday family meals and adorn holiday tables.

Modern dinnerware trends for contemporary table setting

Top 11 modern tableware design trends adding unique flavor to stylish table setting

Modern dinnerware in ethnic style

Modern tableware in ethnic style blends the functionality with unusual shapes, creating one of modern dinnerware design trends. Creative and original dinnerware sets in ethnic style blend modern ideas with old traditions and minimalist style. Smooth lines and a distinctive details turn modern tableware sets into true table decorations.

White tableware for elegant table decoration in ethnic style

China, pottery and tempered glass add soft colors to table decor ideas. Modern dinnerware sets in ethnic style bring beautiful milky white, creamy yellow, light gray color shades, rich blue, purple and warm deep red colors into table decor and adorn it with unique images and exotic decoration patterns.

Romantic dinnerware with vintage vibe

Delicate lines beautiful dinnerware in vintage style, combined with floral motifs and images of birds, bring unique vintage style into modern kitchens and dining rooms. Glasses, cups and dishes with floral designs and nature inspired images feel pleasant and interesting, saying a lot about your feelings.

Modern tea cup with blue flowers in vintage style, white and blue stripes on saucer

The combination of milky-white background and bright decoration patterns, large single floral designs are modern trends in romantic dinnerware. Red colors come with poppy flowers and rosebuds, decorating dinner tables with warm, familiar and symbolic flowers.

Blue and white dinnerware set with floral designs

Antique tableware and nature inspired images

Spectacular tableware sets with bright prints, images of plants, birds, insects and larger animals, leaf and tree branch shapes are modern design trends in modern dinnerware. These dinnerware items look classic. Do not hesitate to put antique and vintage tableware sets on the table and find yourself enjoying the modern trend.

Colorful modern tableware for dining table decoration in whimsical style

Unique handmade tableware inspired by ocean creatures, seashells and seaweed

Unusual shapes

These unusual plates, salad bowls, oil cans look very contemporary. Comfortable to use, functional and stylish, these modern tableware items look great on holiday tables.

White dish in unusual shape

Even simple meals on unusual plates look fantastic, surprising your guests and creating memorable dining experience.

Crumpled tableware design
Glass tableware in unusual shapes

Blending styles, colors and shapes

Traditional porcelain, natural stone, glass, crystal dinnerware and modern dinnerware sets made of new materials amaze and delight. Blending styles, colors, shapes and decoration patterns is one of the most interesting modern table decor ideas.

Creative contemporary tableware and modern color design

GoldĀ  and diamonds

Gold and platinum plated dinnerware sets and modern tableware, decorated with rhinestones, luxurious porcelain and crystal glass tableware items add chic and exclusive style to modern table decor.

Luxury design trends in modern tableware

Porcelain-like plastic tableware

Porcelain-like look adds noble appearance to contemporary plastic tableware. Crumpled paper or pitted bark textures, lace-like designs and velvet fabric look add unique details to contemporary items and offer a fun way to create modern table decoration.

Modern tableware in vintage style

Pixels and simple geometric decoration patterns

White tableware with colorful pixel pattern

Experiments with color design ideas creates very decorative products. Simple designs in black or white or colorful pixel patterns are modern design trends in dinnerware. Pixel designs and velvet like texture make unique dishes and vases look unusual andĀ  very interesting from the point of view of tactile sensations.

Milky white tableware with simple geometric pattern

3d texture

Tableware manufacturers started to pay more attention to tactility. A touch often plays as large role in selecting and buying dishes and glasses. 3d textures make modern tableware look fantastic.

White plates with lace-like texture

An interesting collection of china cups called Persona from Taiwanese design company Jia Inc. presents tableware that features designed texture.

White tableware with 3d textured surfaces

Mixing materials

There is a trend that mixes different materials for modern dinnerware design – ceramics and wood, metal and wood, plastic and wood, metal and silicone, concrete and metal. These unusual dinnerware items make very interesting designs. The collection Concrete Meets Porselain is created by a young designer from Estonia Raili Keiv and includes amazing pieces for contemporary table decor.

Contemporary white dinnerware set made of porcelain and concrete

New high-tech materials for modern tableware design

The advanced contemporary technology improves cookware and dinnerware design, offering new materials that feature qualities of glass and concrete, blending elegant appearance into tough and durable designs with magnetic surfaces.

Modern tableware design with magnetic surfaces

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