How to Choose Modern Garage Doors and Improve Curb Appeal

red painted garage door
Red-painted wood doors with windows


Modern garage doors are beautiful features that enhance the house’s design style. If you are looking for new garage doors, your task is not as straightforward as you could assume. Here are the Lushome tips and attractive garage door designs to consider before the significant decision of choosing garage doors you make. Each door design has its merits, so check out the most beautiful design and decide what type you like.

If you want to maximize the value of your home, you need to find garage doors that are easy to install, use, and maintain, and feature a beautiful look to increase curb appeal. A good garage door with an attractive design will distinguish your home from the rest of the neighborhood. You need to choose the best type of garage door for your space. There are various types, but most fall into one of the categories: roller garage doors and up-and-over garage doors, or tilt-up doors.

Retro-modern garage doors

Contemporary interior design, garage with glass doors

Garage design ideas, door placement, standard dimensions

Garage door design

Contemporary garage door design

The most common garage door designs are retractable, canopy-side, and hinged sectional retractable. Where limited space in your driveway is an issue, sectional garage doors are the right choice. They open and shut vertically, allowing cars to park very close to the garage without keeping it from opening. Among the wide variety of designs, the most popular garage doors are sectional, upward acting, and self-storing.

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Original Hangar house design with the lifted porch garage door

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An up-and-over door design is more cost-effective and space-saving yet takes a little more effort to open and close unless you choose an automatic garage door. Roller garage doors come in adjoining sections. These garage doors need a little lifting and then open and close mechanically. These door designs are also space-saving, offering the perfect option for small garages and front yards. These garage doors have a higher mounting, ideal for high cars.

Modern driveway and garage door, beautiful curb appeal

Contemporary garage doors

Contemporary garage doors are convenient and attractive. Gone are the old manual gates, and today you need remote-controlled and motorized garage doors. The most popular style is the overhead garage door. Selecting the best garage door materials depends on your house design style, how warm you want your garage to be, and how you want to improve curb appeal. You can choose wood, steel, fiberglass, and their combinations for your modern and beautiful garage door design. Also, you can incorporate unique windows into your garage door design.

Space-saving ideas, folding garage doors

Popular garage door designs

Automatic overhead garage doors are the most popular garage door designs. They are easy to use and have excellent safety features. This type of door rolls up and stays along the garage roof. They have a smooth, quiet, and compact design with a simple installation, including DIY or with help from a manufacturer.

Contemporary design, fiberglass garage doors

Wooden doors

Wood garage doors are attractive, durable, and affordable. Solid cedar doors last for years and look elegant and expensive. Sections of roll-up wood doors may have either panel or flush construction. Wood expands and contracts and can crack as it weathers. Wooden doors demand refinishing every couple of years to keep them in top condition.

Wooden garage door

Steel garage doors

Metal doors do not warp, crack, or fall apart because of the weather. With no painting or refinishing requirements, steel doors are a low-maintenance option and a stylish choice of garage door material. Contemporary steel doors have a protective layer and do not rust or require repainting like wooden doors. Also, modern steel garage door designs can mimic other materials to match your house exterior. The only disadvantage is the difficulty of repairing. So steel garage doors offer real benefits over the wooden design because of the cost of manufacturing and maintenance.

Contemporary garage door design, steel

Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass garage doors are perfect for salty ocean climates and letting daylight into a garage. They are easy to clean and look stylish, elegantly improving curb appeal. Fiberglass is a challenging and durable material that keeps looking good for years.

Modern fiberglass door

Choosing the best garage door for your home

Each garage door design has its benefits. Steel up and over doors are sturdy and give great value for money, while wood doors offer beautiful looks that enhance curb appeal. Contemporary garage doors made of fiberglass are efficient, convenient, and low-maintenance. Your garage door pick needs to match your house design, elevate curb appeal, improve security, bring convenience, and increase home values.

Red-painted wood doors with windows

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