How to Bring Color into Interior Design and Jazz up Room Decorating

artwork chair pink
Pink and yellow artwork, pink chair, changing a color palette from room to room



Suppose you think about bringing color to your home. Here interior decorating tips from the experts suggesting how to do it correctly. Beautiful and thoughtful color combinations make room decorating look pleasant and interesting. How do you choose room colors and create a truly successful color palette? Here are helpful ideas and inspirations.

Think about your favorite colors and learn the latest trends in decorating with modern hues. Complement your existing home furnishings or get inspired by color combinations you see on your room accessories. Decide on color accents, experiment with your favorite hues and modern colors, or use designer color schemes.

Matching decor paint color schemes, modern interior design ideas

Bright interior color schemes inspired by beautiful flowers

Fall decorating ideas, gorgeous color schemes for room decorating

How to create interior color schemes

Open living spaces, modern blue color, patchwork design

1. Make color transitions from room to room smooth

Using one color, its shades, or tones in every room helps create a harmonious interior design. The room colors flow from one room to another, changing color schemes and creating unity in living spaces. A color map helps a lot to select the best mixes for each room.

Interior design color schemes, stylish color combinations

Blue color schemes, modern room decorating ideas

Matching interior design colors; home furnishings, paint color schemes

2. Choose a color palette according to your interior design concept

The right color combinations reflect the general concept of interior design. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere of coastal decor, choose blue shades inspired by water and sky, add sandy yellow, mustard, and gold that bring the sunny places’ warmth.

Pillows matching wall paint color
Pink and yellow artwork, pink chair, changing a color palette from room to room

3. Consider gender, age, and personality

Personalizing interiors give them a true home feel. When you design a personal space for kids and teens, ask them about their favorite shades, and build vibrant color schemes.

Kitchen cabinets painted candy colors

4. Steal the look

Use ready-to-use color schemes from fabric designers and paint manufacturers. These creative teams conduct a lot of research before introducing modern colors to their customers. Look through catalogs of products, textiles, home furnishings, paint colors. You can find beautiful color schemes with complex hues that offer the right solutions for your room decorating.

Feminine room decorating, floral wallpaper

5. Introduce color accents

Many people think that working with vibrant colors is difficult, but it is not the case. Go for your favorite accent colors and brighten up neutral color schemes. The most effective way to bring a neutral interior to life is to add colorful accents. Anything, from a vase to a chandelier, textiles, art objects, or upholstered furniture, can enhance the neutral color scheme. Houseplants are beautiful, mistake-proof, decorative accessories that you can try right away for making a Green statement.

Vibrant yellow color, accent cabinet

6. Use contemporary design ideas

Use new techniques for room decorating. Computer programs that scan a picture and give out a ready-made color scheme are here to help. According to the general scale, a color scanner can give you a paint number, getting it from an object you like. Also, some programs can find harmonious matching colors and create color schemes for your room decorating.

Contemporary kitchen hood in red

7. Colored lights and artworks

Neon lights are a modern interior design trend that gives a touch of bold color to room decorating. Artworks are perfect accessories for enhancing your room color palette also.

Modern wall decoration, pink neon light

Colorful interior design

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