How to Grow Lush Lawns, Beautiful Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Front yard landscaping, flower beds, lush lawn

Lush lawns are beautiful, and everyone enjoys a healthy green carpet. If you are ready to put some effort into yard landscaping and grow the greenest lawn on the block this summer, here are some easy tips to help you. Check out the gorgeous Lushome collection of green lawns and get inspired by beautiful yard landscaping ideas.

Green lawns provide lovely outdoor living spaces to enjoy dining, playing golf, or relaxing while enjoying beautiful flowers and vegetables growing on your garden bed. Follow these simple tips, and you can have a lush lawn this summer that will make your neighbors green with envy.

Green lawns, yard landscaping ideas creating beautiful outdoor living spaces

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Lush green yard landscaping

Free-shaped garden bed, raised bed, and green lawn, beautiful yard landscaping ideas

1. Raking

Rake early. Raking a lawn provides benefits if you do it first in spring. Removing old leaves and grass clippings that did not break down in winter allows new grass to grow efficiently and faster because it gets the warming sun earlier. Raking helps bring oxygen through a lawn, and in spring, this makes wet soil dry, getting rid of soggy spots.

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2. Weeding

Weed before you feed. Get rid of as many weeds as you can before you add fertilizers. Whether you hand-dig or choose eco-friendly herbicides, get rid of unwanted plants before you start applying nitrogen fertilizers.

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3. Filling holes

Use topsoil mixes to fill holes. Adding new grass seeds to your lawn is a great way to create attractive and healthy growth and improve your yard landscaping. Look for grass seed options that have roots that grow horizontally and down. This way, you can patch holes and fill in all thin spots giving a nice, finished look to yard landscaping.

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Make sure to get seed-t-soil contact. Planting grass is more than sprinkling it on top of a lawn. Instead, spread lawn soil or topsoil at a depth of approximately 2.5 cm = 1 inch, then apply grass seed according to the instructions. Follow up with a light raking to ensure the seeds contact the soil. Then water every day for three weeks to help your new grass grow on the lawn.

Green lawn with raised flower bed, stone wall design, front yard landscaping ideas

4. Aeration

Aerate late, as aeration is a great way to add oxygen down into the roots. Aeration encourages healthy growth, adding beautiful green colors and texture to lush lawns. While there are several ways to aerate, the most common is a machine that runs over the yard, removing plugs of soil 8 to 10 cm or 3 to 4 inches deep.

Front yard landscaping, flower beds, lush lawn

The heavy-weight machines can compact the ground in early spring when the soil is wet and soft. It is best to aerate later in the spring when the lawn gets firmer.

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