Holiday Tree Toppers Adding Final Touches to Modern Christmas Tree Decorating

snowman holiday tree topper
Snowman tree topper, creative holiday decorations



A tree-topper completes Christmas tree decorating and adds a stunning ornament as a finishing touch to it. Here are the best Christmas tree toppers from the Luahome collection to inspire you and help you find the best design for your Christmas tree decorating. Look for traditional and contemporary designs, handmade tree toppers, and surprising ideas that reflect the holiday trends in decorating.

Christmas is the time when the whole world around you is eager to get into the winter holidays and enjoy the festive spirit. Beautiful Christmas tree topper ideas and DIY designs show Christmas trends and provide decorating inspirations for the best event of the year. Soft toys, feathers, felt, flowers, ribbons, metal, wood, and recycled materials offer fantastic opportunities to stylishly and creatively personalize Christmas trees.

Artistic Christmas trees

Alternative Christmas tree decorating ideas

Step ladder holiday trees, fun DIY holiday decorations

Trendy holiday tree toppers

Minimalist Christmas tree decorating, Scandinavian style

Old tree toppers and designs in vintage style are classy, but creative DIY ideas give personality to Christmas tree decorating like nothing else. A handmade tree topper can add new sparkle to holiday decorations, bringing unique design and stylish details. Making an original tree topper for your holiday tree is fun.

Colorful ribbons, Christmas tree decorating ideas

Christmas tree decorating ideas, trendy accents

Blue Christmas colors for holiday decor

DIY designs

DIY Christmas tree toppers are beautiful accents that stand out from your holiday decorations. If you are looking for multiple tree toppers that are easy to craft, these fun ideas involving wire, wood, ribbons, feathers, soft toys, and metallic pipes take absolutely no time and look fabulous.

Fabric crafts, DIY Christmas tree topper

Modern ideas

Stylish designs usher in the timeless festive appeal. Felt Christmas tree decorations and tree toppers in white and red colors are popular choices. Traditional stars, angels, and bows in vintage style and contemporary design make beautiful tree toppers. Silver and golden decorations make a glamorous, modern statement, while handmade wooden decorations offer stylish eco-friendly alternatives.

Felt craft idea, handmade Christmas decorations

Classic tree topper designs

Vintage-style tree toppers are traditional favorites that never fail to delight.  Snowflakes are versatile holiday decorations suitable for all Christmas tree decorating styles and color schemes. Snowflake tree toppers come in many different designs, sizes, and materials.

Traditional Christmas tree decorations

Contemporary lights

Dazzling snowflakes with LED lights are beautiful and modern ideas for Christmas tree decorating. Twinkling crowns, lit bows, and other contemporary designs featuring lights are the trendiest ideas for adding a modern touch to the beautiful winter decorating.

Contemporary Christmas tree decorations with LED lights, snowflake tree topper
Snowman tree topper, creative holiday decorations

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