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Seeds wreath, winter yard decorations, eco gifts


Wreath bird feeders make fabulous yard decorations for the winter holidays. It is lovely to see Christmas lights, evergreen garlands, and winter ornaments on trees and shrubs during the holiday season, but bird feeders add even more fun to the winter holidays. Handmade Christmas decorations for yards offer great craft ideas. Wreath bird feeders are one of them. Here is the Lushome collection of wreath bird feeder designs to inspire you and your kids to make these decorations.

Wreath bird feeders make perfect additions to garlands and ornaments on branches. These handmade Christmas decorations look attractive, and they are beneficial to wildlife also. You can use non-fat popcorn, peanuts, raisins, bread, dried fruits, berries, seeds to make the decorations and provide food for birds, hanging edible wreaths on tree branches.

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DIY Christmas wreaths, original design ideas

Wreath bird feeders

Handmade yard decorations, winter bird feeders

You may want to buy or make a wreath. Grass seeds, grapevines, and dried branches perfectly hold dried fruits and berries. You can use wire to tie the wreath and small bags with birds’ foods, nuts, berries, and seeds. Wheat, oats, or quaking grass are excellent food for birds. Safflower, sunflower, canola, thistle, millet, and red sorghum seeds are perfect also. You can add corn, rose hips, and wild berries to improve your wreath bird feeder design.

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DIY bird feeders, eco-friendly yard decorations, unique gifts

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Design ideas

Like Christmas wreaths with seeds and berries, creative bird-friendly ornaments can beautifully adorn your trees. You can make large yard decorations or create a variety of miniature wreaths. If you start with one-third cup of unflavored gelatin without artificial flavors and colors, you can make fun decorations that help protect birds and feed them in winter.

How to make a wreath bird feeder, winter holiday decorations in eco style

Add one and one-half cups of water and 8 cups of birdseed. Use black sunflower seed or a mixture of various foods. Refrigerate the mix for four hours and carefully remove it from the wreath-shaped mold. Allow the wreath to dry overnight, and then hang it outside.

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You can use two bowls inside of each other to create a wreath. If you like to make more decorations for the bird feeder, use a cookie cutter to create miniature shapes for ornaments that you can hang on a Christmas wreath. A toothpick or skewer is perfect for making holes for hanging edible decorations and creating a beautiful display outdoors.

Bird feeders, yard decorations, unique gifts

DIY gift ideas

Christmas wreaths make beautiful winter holiday gifts, and wreath bird feeders are no different. Wreath bird feeders designs offer fantastic ideas for handmade Christmas gifts and yard decorations.

Dried fruits Christmas wreath, DIY bird feeder design idea
Miniature wreaths, bird feeder design ideas
Seeds wreath, winter yard decorations, eco gifts

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