Green Colors and Eco Friendly Ideas for Meaningful Thanksgiving Decorating

natural fall decorating green thanksgiving ideas

Natural table centerpieces, Green Thanksgiving decorating ideas

Thanksgiving decorating is a beautiful part of family traditions to celebrate the harvest season. Green colors offer comfort and add a natural feel to holiday decorations while inspiring thoughts of sustainability. Green Thanksgiving decorating becomes a beautiful new tradition. Here are a few simple Thanksgiving decorating ideas for an eco-friendly and festive Thanksgiving.

Green colors are perfect for eco-friendly decorating. Green colors connect us to nature and create beautiful backgrounds for displaying colorful fall leaves and bright Thanksgiving table centerpieces. Green colors look fabulously beautiful with whites, beige, gray color tones, and all warm shades. Soft green pastels are natural and soothing.

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Naturally-Green Thanksgiving decorating

Green fall table decorations and centerpieces

Edible decorations and greenery

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Edible decorations, combined with greenery, are all you need for eco-friendly Thanksgiving decorating. You can use green gourds and accentuate your Thanksgiving decorating ideas with colorful autumn leaves and berries. Green Thanksgiving decor looks beautiful, bright, and elegant. Green Thanksgiving table centerpieces are spectacular and eco-friendly, as they can go to compost.

Green pumpkin and eucalyptus leaves, natural table centerpiece idea

Saving money

Natural materials work well for original and genuine place settings. Branches, pinecones, beautiful fall leaves, seasonal vegetables, acorns, and mini gourds make attractive Green table decorations. Disposable holiday decorations save money and help the planet while adding a charming natural feel to Thanksgiving decorating.

Saving money on Thanksgiving decorating by using natural materials and eco-friendly ideas

Green colors

If you love green colors, find new uses for green items you already have. Green Thanksgiving does not require too much planning, just a quick hunt around the house. Green bowls, plates, and glasses look amazing with fall leaves, branches, vegetables, pinecones, and berries, creating stunning Thanksgiving table centerpieces.

Colorful fall leaves and gourds in green vases and bowls


Mix and match items in green colors with white, gray, beige decor. Bring natural materials and use them as individual Thanksgiving table centerpieces to add character to your holiday tablescape.

Traditional pumpkins and greenery, recycling for fall decorating

Our grandparents celebrated Thanksgiving with less and built a happy family. Thanksgiving decorating in eco style with disposable and edible decorations is a chance to realize that we need less than we have. We can be thankful and happy without spending money.

Natural table centerpieces, Green Thanksgiving decorating ideas

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