Go Green Recycling Old Bicycles and Parts for Unique Furniture

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diy furniture recycling bicycle parts


Recycling is a fun, money saving and artistic activity that turns trash into functional pieces and home decorations. As money getting tighter every year, a lot of people started to reuse and recycle old items, creating unique furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures, and art. Recycled materials save money and allow to find creative ways to enjoy DIY projects. Why not take this opportunity to personalize your living spaces by doing some creative recycling with old bikes?

The Lushome collection shows fabulous furnishings made of old bicycles and parts. Some projects are simple and fun, others are elaborate and sophisticated, but all DIY recycling ideas bring people closer to appreciating natural resources. Recycling teaches us to think of the planet and makes Green living concepts relevant and attractive. As we buy everything at the store, handmade designs are a way to an appreciation of values.

Decorative screen recycling wheels

Unique furniture

Bar furniture made with bicycles

Modern storage ideas for bikes

Colorful decorating for bicycle frames

If you want to get extra creative, try making bike furniture items of old parts. Coffee tables, bar chairs, garden benches and decorative screens offer fabulous ideas for recycling bicycle parts for unique and modern home decorating. Do-It-Yourself furniture projects are cost effective designs to reuse and recycle junk, broken bike frames, seats, pedals, chains and wheels. Painted and lit, they make colorful outdoor furniture which keeps trash out of the landfills.

Unique furniture made of painted bicycle frames

DIY bar chairs

Instead of throwing away an old bike, create unique furniture pieces, turning the useless metal into something special. Painting and LED lights give a spectacular look to your creations. Choose a project, whatever inspires you is perfect. The important thing is to have fun. Creative recycling is exciting. Use your imagination and open your mind to awesome DIY projects and crafts turning an old bicycle or parts into unique furniture. Let your creativity and enthusiasm make a difference.

DIY tables and trays

Glass table

DIY benches

Garden bench recycling wheels
Bench recycling seats

Bathroom sinks

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