Modern Interior Design and Space Saving Storage Ideas for Bicycle Enthusiasts

modern furniture design and bicycle storage solutions


Modern interior design brings bikes into rooms offering attractive bike stands and wall racks for their storage and creative home decorating. Stylish and space-saving ideas are perfect for small spaces. The popularity of bicycles is growing, but many people live in small apartments and homes with no space for a bike. Modern storage solutions reflect these facts blending racks for bikes into home furnishings.

Lushome presents a collection of innovative, modern furniture designed to meet the needs of cyclists living in small spaces. The compact, modern cabinets, shelving units, desks, sofas with a bike stand and tables with bike storage are ideal for decorating small apartments and homes.

The modern furniture pieces bring smart, contemporary solutions and will be appreciated by bicycle enthusiasts. Creative, surprising, and unconventional bike storage add another function to unique furniture. The designs by Chol1, offer compact, practical, space- saving storage for sports enthusiasts who can use their bikes as incredible home decorations.

Indoor bike storage ideas, interior decorating with a bike

Space-saving bike storage solutions

Modern furniture design, bike stand and show storage shelf

Blending modern furniture design with bike racks and stands creates an interesting sculptural interplay of structural elements. Instead of a bicycle being a nuisance in a room, it shows its gorgeous beauty becoming a decorative accent or a fun focal point for room decorating with the sports theme.

Bike storage with Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand

Decorative ways to store bikes indoor,

adding unusual accents to modern interior design

Prices start at $56 for B4NCA stools and top out at $522 for S1LLON couches.

Wooden cabinet with bicycle stand, space saving storage and interior design ideas for small rooms

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