Futuristic Mountain Cabin Redesign, Comfortable and Modern Interiors

metal staircase design
Metal staircase design leading to bedrooms



Futuristic and comfortable are the words to describe the modern mountain cabin in the Czech Republic’s Jizera Mountains. Reconstructed by Mjölk Architekti, a 130-year-old cottage feature impressive glass walls, extending the living space of the lower floor and connecting home interiors with the beautiful surroundings. Classic interior design and futuristic furnishings play on contrasts but create harmony and keep the unique character of the mountain retreat.

Familiar and futuristic design ideas fill the modern interiors with original vibes and offer ultimate comfort in warm and inviting rooms. The oven and the stove in the sitting room became the heart of the cabin‘s layout. Built-in place of the original shed, a lightweight, transparent structure filled with glass panels. A modern kitchen and plenty of free space blend with a living room. A glossy brass-clad ceiling reflects the outdoor ambiance.

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Creative redesign turning an old cottage into a modern house with stone walls

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Winter cottage in the mountains

Steel stairs and old beams of an original preserved thatched roof create a futuristic space illuminated by a round skylight. Wood plank floors and glass floor panels add to the impressive look of the areas, providing incredible views throughout the house.

Mountain cottage with colorful interiors

Neutral colors and panoramic views of the Alps

The unique character of a wood-lined cottage

The interior is furnished in an eco style, reflecting the overall naturalistic approach to modern house design. Designer furniture and decor accessories blend with old furnishings creating a lovely mix.

Glass wall addition to the old cottage
Seating area with glass walls, benches, tiled fireplace
Dining room design with wooden ceiling beams and wood furniture
Beautiful glass wall design in modern kitchen
Glass, tiles, and wood in modern cottage interiors
Metal staircase design leading to bedrooms
Modern kitchen
Wood ceiling beams
Modern bedroom
Round skylight
Futuristic bed
Salvaged wood structural elements
Bedroom and attic playroom designs
Warm-red painted wall

  by Ena Russ   

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