Wood Lined Cabin with Unique Character by Alan Maskin

wooden walls wood burning stove

Living room design, wood-burning stove, wooden walls, high ceiling


A newly-renovated beach cabin by Olson Kundig Architects offers a fantastic place for work and relaxation away from a busy schedule. Extended home interiors transform the old cottage built in 1938 into a cozy, modern house. Agate Pass Cabin overlooks the water. Original wide planks of Douglas fir help the character of the old building. Douglas fir was bountiful in the region 100 years ago. The planks beautifully line the walls and ceilings, showing the attractive contemporary design and reminding of the past.

Salvaged wood was refashioned into cabinets and used to line new ceilings. Plywood addition to the cabin marks the new design. Wood textures unite the 1030’s rooms and modern interiors, creating cozy and comfortable living spaces.

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Wood cottage with a modern addition

Relaxing living room design, wooden cottage

The renovation project turned a little cabin into a modern place with character. Bright interiors, large windows, and artworks make the home original, beautiful, and unique. The architect removed the low ceiling between the living room and the attic opening the space up with a five-meter-high vaulted roof beneath the gables. A screened porch turned into a dining room and a home office with views over the gardens. Above the office space is a first-floor outdoor terrace.

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A wood-lined bedroom design with views over the trees and the water adds comfort and beauty to the renovated, filled-with original artworks, modern house. Alan Maskin designed the bed and armoire that magnify the beauty of the spacious, contemporary bedroom.

Renovated cottage, dining room design
Home office with a garden view
Wooden walls, staircase design
High ceiling windows, wooden furniture, bedroom design
Bedroom with a beautiful view
Living room design, wood-burning stove, wooden walls, high ceiling

Photography is by Aaron Lietz

  by Ena Russ   

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