Framed Prints in Wall Decorating, Mat Boards and Colors Making Wall Decorations Stand Out

interior decorating with frames wall art
Green wall, colorful framed wall art, elegant interior decorating


Room decorating with framed artworks gives the spaces an elegant and beautiful look. Choosing a proper frame and mat board color for an art print enlivens the wall decoration. A mat board around an image provide an attractive background, adding an essential touch to wall decoration and increasing a pleasing effect. Color is another great tool to enhance the entire appearance of the wall decoration. The Lushome collection of wall decorating ideas demonstrates how to use frames and mat boards’ colors to create beautiful modern interiors.

It is easy to create visual excitement with your choice of frames, mats, and color. You can show your creativity and experiment with various materials and tones, achieving the unique looks of your wall decoration. There is no limit to original designs, and your choices depend only on your imagination. If there are several fine art prints, you can create various effects by choosing different mats’ materials and colors and creating exciting arrangements.

Accent wall decorating with large digital art prints

Creative prints arrangements, modern wall decorating ideas

Wall artworks to create stunning focal points for modern interior decorating

Wall decorating with frames

Graphics in modern interiors; wall decorating with zigzag patterns, framed black-n-white prints

Multiple frames

A group of framed prints can look stunning and make original and spectacular wall decorations. The frames can match to give uniformity, or they can be different colors and different styles to increase a surprising effect. Picture frames can be different, or you can use various mat boards colors and textures.

How to add style to wall decorating with framed prints

Colored pencils, vibrant wall decorating themes

Wall decorating ideas for kids rooms

Border colors

You can choose a pale border around the image to open it up and brighten up the wall decoration. A colorful mat brings all the attention inwards to the print, adding an attractive contrast to the image. A mount board separates the image from the glass and a frame, creating an elegant wall decoration.

Black and white wall decorating ideas


The choice of frame designs plays an integral part in wall decorating as their shapes and materials add to the unique effect created in a room. Frames’ colors can eighter match or contrast with the color of the walls and other wall decorations to create beautiful and modern wall decoration.

Wall art on wooden walls, color design contrasts

Frames in a complementary color that blends with colors in the prints are attractive choices. Silver or black frames around black and white photographs or grayish and blue tones are excellent for natural landscapes. Contrasting colors are another practical choice in making the images stand out, especially when the frames blend with the wall color.

Creative wall decorating ideas, golden paint, framed prints
Living room decorating, black-n-white decor with green accents
Green wall, colorful framed wall art, elegant interior decorating

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