Large Wall Artworks Creating Stunning Focal Points for Modern Interior Design

modern interiors with large wall decorations

Modern interior design and decorating with large wall art, Bluff House design by Auhaus Architecture in Australia

Modern interior design and decorating with large paintings, sculptures, photographs, metal art and tapestry look spectacular and complete. Large artworks make beautiful wall decorations and create dramatic focal points for interior design and home staging. Lushome shares tips and inspiring ideas for personalizing interior design and decorating with impressive wall artworks.

Handmade creations and unique wall art, metal and salvaged wood crafts and delicate fabric works, paintings or photography art are not just eye-catching accents, but beautiful and unique ideas for creating focal points of interior decorating that make rooms look complete, compelling, and original. Wall art complements all modern interiors, attractively decorates empty walls, adds elegance to space, and change an atmosphere in a room bringing meaning and beauty into homes.

Even ordinary paintings and photographs, enlarged in size or framed, look impressive on empty walls and offer very elegant solutions for creating a unique focal point for modern interior design. Large paintings on big canvases and huge prints are versatile wall decorations, suitable for spacious rooms and small spaces.

Colorful paper craft ideas, contemporary wall decorations, paper flowers

Modern wall decoration with wall stickers, decals, and vinyl art

Modern wall decoration with large pieces

large painting in blue color, spectacular wall decoration, Berkeley Hills House design, 1965 home redesign by YamaMar Design Studio

Large wall decorations, oil, acrylic, pastel paintings, graffiti artworks or digital prints are suitable for any room and all interior design styles. Adding chic and appeal, large artworks change rooms beyond recognition, bring color into modern interior design and set the pleasant mood. Your choice of a painting for your wall decoration depends on your personality, taste, and favorite decorating style. These striking wall decorations can create beautiful focal points for any room design, add character to your rooms, bring positive energy, and evoke pleasant emotions.

Impressive paintings or digital prints, massive sculptures and crafts are truly beautiful, unique, and spectacular focal points that can define a color palette for interior design and decor. Bright, exciting, and dynamic, the black and white artworks are fabulous wall decorations also. They change the living spaces and balance the interiors by bringing neutral color contrasts into the rooms decorated with colorful accents.

Large wall art, colorful accents and focal point for modern interior design and decorating

Bright accents, paintings or digital prints are a nice way to spice up modern interior design and home staging in neutral colors. Gorgeous wall artworks are ideal for accentuating contemporary rooms in a minimalist style. Impressive large wall decorations in vibrant colors help balance the interiors and spruce up the decor in neutral colors.

large wall art for modern interior design and decorating, Malvern House design by Patrick Jost
Modern interior design and decorating with large wall art in Scandinavian style
Modern interior design and decorating with large wall art, Bluff House design by Auhaus Architecture in Australia
Exposed brick wall design and decorating with large art, contemporary home design by Allan Tay in Singapore
Dining room decorating with large wall art, colorful floor rug and black pendant lights, Showhouse by Hufft Projects

Dining room decorating with large wall art, loft apartment ideas by Stepane Chamard

Living room design with large wall art, interior design and decorating by Mario Mazzer

Large wall art, modern wall decoration, house design by Locati Architects

Wall decoration with large paintings and digital prints, chalet in Italy

Modern wall decorations, large painting in red color, The Mellier apartment ideas by Studio Mackereth

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