Fall Ideas for Picnics, Warm Decorating and Packing Tips

pumpkin soup bagels
Fall ideas for a picnic, pumpkin soup



Fall ideas for a picnic are about taking advantage of the beautiful, warm days before winter comes. Warm blankets and delicious snacks are all you need for a picnic in a lovely al fresco setting. There is something romantic about eating outdoors, and fall ideas that include a warm blanket or rustic wood bench make food taste more delicious.

Fall ideas for a picnic are comfortably simplified and unpretentious. Whether you make your way to a local park, plan a meal after a long hike in the forest, or go to a beautiful patch of grass on a riverbank, here are fall ideas and picnic packing tips for you to enjoy the gorgeous season.

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Picnic bag-table, original design idea

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Fall ideas for an outdoor picnic

Fall picnic setting

1. Make sure food is safe and fresh before packing it up in containers.

2. Pack foods in sealable containers to avoid spills. There is nothing worse than a need to clean a mess instead of enjoying a sunny day.

3. Pack paper towels, napkins, plates, or utensils. Bring glasses and hot water or warm drinks.

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4. Keep things simple and easy.

5. Use an ice pack or freeze water bottles to keep food cold. Keep cooked meals chilled.

6. Pack a blanket or two and take your time to enjoy the beautiful warm weather, fall colors, and fresh air.

Pond picnic idea, bright fall leaves

Picnic setting ideas

Here are the Lushome tips and cozy fall ideas for a picnic in your favorite spot showing gorgeous colors of autumn leaves.

Fall flowers and apples, autumn centerpiece idea for wood picnic table decoration
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Picnic basket, warm blankets, fall ideas for eating outdoors
Fall ideas for a picnic, pumpkin soup, apples, ginger cookies

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