Elegant Modular Shelving Systems Adding Geometric Patterns to Modern Interior Decorating

modern storage furniture, mmetal shelving units with wood shelves

Modern shelving units with wood shelves and metal frame


Modular shelving systems are convenient and stylish furniture. Elements of shelving systems create simple geometric patterns, complimenting modern interior decorating. Elegant and familiar shapes add depth to interior decorating and create beautiful storage spaces. Lushome presents Aritali collection of modular shelving.

The modular systems Romboidale and Voliera are designed by Italian designer Pietro Russo and realize modern furniture design ideas which reflect one of the latest trends in decorating with simple geometric patterns. The modular shelving systems are inspired by diamond shapes, and offer a great way of space dividing. They look light and very contemporary, adding nice accents to modern interior decorating.

These modular shelving units allow to create functional zones and let plenty of light come into parts of a room. Diamond shapes, wood shelves and metal details bring various textures into interior decorating and enhance room design. Stylish and comfortable room dividers, these modular shelving systems stretch from the floor to the ceiling, creating lots of storage spaces which are functional and decorative.

Modular shelving systems, modern wall decorating ideas

40 modular shelving systems, contemporary storage ideas for modern interiors

Modular shelving units

Modern shelving units with wood shelves and metal frame

The modular shelving units Romboidale are created with straight lines. Comfortable black color, warm wood and bronze metal colors of hardware add softness to the design and balance interior decorating.

Modular shelving units Voliera feature round frame elements and round shelves made of birch wood. These shelving systems remind birdhouses and help to create very interesting corner storage spaces.

Corner storage ideas, shelving systems with round wood shelves

Light shelving units design and classy paint colors create versatile furnishings that are easy to install and use for storage and interior decorating. Durable and elegant, the shelving units are great for books, magazines, vases and house plants.

Modular shelving units by Rodolfo Doldoni

Modular shelving systems adding color to modern interior decorating

Modern shelving units adding geometric patterns to interior decorating

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