50 Elegant Bedroom Designs, Peaceful Blue Colors for Modern Room Decorating

blue room colors bedroom decorating ideas

Monochromatic blue color tones, wall paint colors, pattern bed headboard idea, beautiful bedroom design


Blues are beautiful bedroom colors. Blues make perfect choices for modern bedroom designs, from light-blue and grayish pastels to rich and noble dark blue tones. Vibrant blue bedroom decorating ideas modernize room color schemes that can include many other modern hues. Blue color schemes are beautiful, elegant, and timelessly stylish options for spacious and small bedroom designs.

Blue works with many other colors. Plain white, off-white, and gray color tones blended with blue create classy color combinations that ask for warm accents in golden colors, yellow shades, or orange hues. Neutral color schemes and pastels look fabulous with blue colors. Blue wall paint, bedroom furniture, and room accessories in the peaceful tones of blue provide a stylish and modern look.

Here is the Lushome collection of fabulous blue bedroom designs showing how beautiful blue walls, bed headboards, and bedroom accessories can look. It is a great idea to combine warm hues with blue to create comfortable and balanced color schemes for bedroom designs. Also, white and light gray tones can add elegance and chic to blue bedroom colors turning the rooms into highly stylish, bright, and modern interiors.

Light-blue bedroom colors, calming bedroom designs

Blue room decorating, color symbolism, unpretentious decorating ideas

Blue color schemes enhancing relaxing bedroom designs

Blue bedroom colors

Modern bedroom design, Coastal beach house

Blue wall paint colors

Modern grayish-blue and matching interior colors

Dark blue bedding sets, royal bedroom decorating ideas

Gorgeous blue color tones for modern interior design

Blue colors are perfect for creating a dramatic accent wall. The striking interior design asks for intense hues, such as deep turquoise, rich azure, sea blue, ink blue, or royal blue. If you feature light blue color tones in other bedroom elements, vibrant and deep blue hues in accents go a long way to create attractive monochromatic color schemes.

Blue wall paint, bedding set, curtains, blue-white bedroom colors

Decoration patterns

Blue patterns are a perfect way to design impressive bedrooms. Plain walls with artworks or patterned bedding fabrics beautifully incorporate blue colors into bedroom designs assign depth and style. Blue upholstery fabrics and modern wallpaper in multiple tones of blue create perfect accents that draw attention and add interest to bedroom decorating.

Blue wallpaper and wall paint color, modern bedroom design

Decorative accessories

If you enjoy neutral color schemes, in this case, leave blue for accents. Paint an accent wall blue color and incorporate more blue details into your bedroom design. Wall art, bedding sets, decorative pillows, planters, window curtains, floor rugs, and lampshades are fabulous for accentuating neutral bedroom colors.

Accent wall in wood, blue-painted walls, blue bedroom accessories

Monochromatic color schemes

Monochromatic color schemes and neutral color combinations with blues create unique bedrooms featuring a stylish look. Various undertones and intensity in blue color are fantastic decorating ideas that add depth and sophistication to modern bedrooms.

Monochromatic blue color combinations, blue wall paint, white-gray accent wall, modern bedroom design

Check out the blue painting ideas and room designs in blue, get inspired to transform your bedroom designs with gorgeous blues.

White-blue bedroom colors, Bismarck House by Andrew Burges Architects, Sydney
Monochromatic blue color tones, wall paint colors, pattern bed headboard idea, beautiful bedroom design

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