DIY Bed Headboard Created with Soft Floral Fabric

floral fabric bed headboard design, diy bedroom decorating


DIY bed headboard ideas are great for bringing personality into your bedrooms and saving money while recycling old frames and materials that your have in your house. Decor4all shares this simple and inspiring DIY bed headboard project that shows how to create a fantastic bed with a piece of floral fabric.

Measure your old bed headboard both vertically and horizontally to get the right fabric piece for your new bed headboard. You can use a circular saw or jigsaw to create any shape you like to match your bedroom decor accessories and create one-of-a-kind bed headboard.

Your bed headboard design can feature any handmade decorations, like metal, wooden or made with fabric buttons, embroidery and appliques. Plan to predrill any holes you need for your DIY bed headboard designs and hanging your headboards from bed frames or walls.

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DIY bed headboard design created with floral fabric

Floral fabric bed headboard, diy project for bedroom decorating

Design a plywood base for your bed headboard. With a pair of fabric sheers, cut a piece of your favorite floral fabric at least six inches bigger than the actual dimensions of the plywood base.

Add cotton or foam batting to the bed headboard to make a piece that is soft enough to rest against. Cut the batting about three inches bigger than the plywood base.

How to make bed headboard with fabric and plywood

Pull the fabric and foam over the edge of the longest side of your bed headboard. With an upholstery stapler, set staples into the piece of fabric and batting about every six inches. Once you have one side evenly stapled, fill in the gaps between the staples, so that you have a staple about every three inches.

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On the opposite side of the headboard, pull the fabric tightly and staple every six inches. Back-fill the staple pattern once the side has been pulled evenly and tight.

Making fabric bed headboard

The corners need to be tucked and the shorter side of the bed headboard can be stapled to the plywood. Tuck and wrap each corner of the headboard. Add a few staples in each corner to help hold the tightly pulled fabric in place and create neat and beautiful bed headboard design. Attach your decorations, buttons or felt flowers to to your bed headboard design and hang it, adding the fantastic centerpiece to your bedroom decor.

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