Deluxe Design Ideas for Egg Laying Pets, Chicken Coops that Make Unique Yard Decorations

chicken coop design and decorating

Wooden chicken coop with flower bed, attractive yard decorations


Deluxe chicken coops that look like Hobbit Holes are wonderful design ideas from Wooden Wonders. The company offers these beautiful and comfortable handmade wooden coops that provide attractive and comfortable accommodations for your egg-laying pets.

Wooden chicken coops are available in several designs and colors which were inspired by The Lord of the Rings. Each chicken coop has a box for nesting with perch seating and two windows. These chicken coops feature linoleum floor to make egg-laying pet owners life easier.

Chicken coops are heated which make them ideal for cold climates. Handmade built of pine wood, the chicken coops make beautiful yard decorations and are available in 20 different colors from catalog.

Wooden chicken coops

Three chicken coops inspired by Hobbit Holes

This coop comes in three different sizes to accommodate anywhere from five to fifteen birds. The small coop in standard design comes with two, seven-inch round windows.

Your birds will enjoy the sunshine and cross-breezes afforded by the front and rear placement of these windows, which are lined with half-inch hardware cloth to provide protection from predators.

Wooden chicken coop with flower bed, attractive yard decorations

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