Creative Design Ideas and the Art of Table Decoration

table setting ideas and table centerpieces

Creative table centerpieces, flower arrangement and candles decorated with knitted accents


Creative design ideas can add interesting details to table decoration and transform table setting by adding beauty and unique vibe. The principles of table setting seem simple. Preparing a table requires putting silverware and utensils on a table and decorating a table before eating to create comfortable and elegant atmosphere.

However, the art of beautiful table setting is interesting and challenging. Lushome shares creative designs which help to set a table to delight guests with unique accents and to personalize table setting for a family supper, romantic dinner or a major event. Food are an important part of many events, and beautiful table decoration is the way to create the look and tone of the room.

Modern ideas for table decoration and creative designs in contemporary or vintage style can enhance the mood and theme of your table setting, reflecting the romantic and exciting atmosphere of the evening or showing off the luxurious decor. Each creative design idea for table setting has its own style and look, and help guests feel very special.

21 impressive table decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day

Beautiful table decoration with edible flowers

Creative accents for table setting

Creative table centerpieces, flower arrangement and candles decorated with knitted accents

Creative designs in contemporary or vintage style reflect many different traditions, connect cultures and nations, and allow to create one-of-a-kind table decoration, blending modern ideas with your own own ideas of what looks beautiful, elegant, fresh and interesting.

Classic table setting in English style or Asian table settings have their own distinct looks. African table decoration and Moroccan designs, Eastern and South American table decoration differ from Western table setting ideas.

Outdoor table setting with wooden centerpiece

The different seasons bring changes into table setting and influence table decoration. Christmas Day and Halloween table settings have their own messages, but creative designs look great on any table. Beautiful accents in contemporary or vintage style, color design and various textures make table settings interesting and comfortable. Creative designs add surprising details to table decoration and work well with all other factors of setting a table.

Modern dinnerware trends and contemporary table setting ideas

Classy Valentine’s Day ideas for table decoration

Creative design ideas are  a great way to personalize table decoration. Beautiful table setting can be inexpensive, but captivation and elegant, lavish and unforgettable, when table centerpieces are creative and unusual.

Asian table decoration ideas

Small details, functional, but interesting items create kinds of table settings that are the most successful and impressive. The most important factor is creative design ideas that are fresh and original or unique and surprising. Think out of the box, and you may find that your have items in your house that can add interest and charm to your table setting.

Table decoration ideas for New Year’s Eve party, edible decorations

25 party table decoration ideas for Chinese New Year celebration

Successful table setting for a dinner and holiday table decoration are not only about tableware and napkins. Beautiful table setting and holiday table decoration are the fine art of decoration with elegance and creativity which make events a success.

Table decoration with flowers
Dragon table centerpiece
Driftwood table decorations and stylized accents
Meaningful letters for table decoration
Elegant table setting
Creative accents, egg holders and napkin rings made of wood
Creative design ideas for napkin rings, table decoration with berries

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