Creating Expensive Interior Design and Saving Money, Home Staging Tips

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Deep green color for bed headboard, bedding in neutral colors, simple geometric patterns, wooden floor, bedroom design


Home staging is the art of creating spacious, comfortable, stylish rooms for stress-free everyday life or house sale. Lushome shares a few home staging tips for making home interiors look modern and expensive while saving money on decorating. Small changes make a huge difference. Details matter. Natural materials, light and neutral color schemes with bright accents, and modern prints and decoration patterns can give a chic vibe to conventional interior design.

The modern interior design trends blend textures, decoration patterns, and vibrant accents with neutral color tones and turn dark, small rooms, into comfortable and airy living spaces. Home staging tips follow the latest trends in decorating and interior design while suggesting light interior colors, simple geometric prints, metal lighting fixtures, and glass accessories for creating beautiful, expensive, modern interiors that show the potential of the home.

11 Home staging tips, attractive bathroom decorating

Interior design trends and universally appealing colors

Small repairs and home staging ideas, room makeovers

Home staging tips

Coral wall art, noble blue color, modern living room design

Experts mix and match colors and textures for adding depth and new appeal to modern rooms. Velvet upholstery fabrics, natural wood, metal lighting fixtures, classic or contemporary artworks, stylish wall mirrors are excellent ideas for creating an expensive and attractive look.

Modern interior design trends, bright coziness with frugal luxury

Staging interiors, expert tips

How to avoid mistakes following modern interior design ideas

1. Artworks

Wall art and decorative accents in different styles give a charming vibe of the eclectic furnishings to traditional interior design and make the rooms look surprisingly expensive and fresh.

Beautiful artworks and accent wall design with a fireplace

2. Metals

Copper shine, silver or golden colors bring chic and style into modern interiors. Metals are noble and timelessly elegant. The lighting fixtures, faucets, room dividers in the mid-century style, vases or vintage furniture are just a few cheap ideas for designing rich and beautiful rooms.

Living room design, contemporary lighting, metallic textures
Metal mirror frames, wall candle holders, decorative accessories

3. Pastels and neutral color tones

Deep green color and blue hues, terra-cotta, sand, and gray color tones are excellent color design choices for achieving rich and elegant interior design. Modern pastels, dark and light brown colors, black or white decorating ideas work well for all home interiors, offering versatile, universally appealing, comfortable, and trendy color design.

Living room furniture, upholstery in pastel colors
Geometric patterns, light pastel tones, living room design

4. Wood texture

Wood comes in various forms and colors, bringing timelessly stylish textures into the modern interior design. Decorating with wood feels warm, cozy, and expensive. Also, you can use different materials that are mimicking natural wood textures and save money on modern decorating.

Deep green color for bed headboard, bedding in neutral colors, simple geometric patterns, wooden floor, bedroom design
Natural wood texture, hide floor rug, neutral color scheme, living room design

5. Lighting design

Lamps are fabulous items for changing the mood, highlighting home furnishings, balancing room design, and giving an interior an expensive look. Wall mirrors with lights, spotlights, and lighting fixtures to define different zones are excellent ideas to brighten up modern interior design.

Wall mirror and lighting fixture, bedroom design in neutral colors with yellow accents
Modern lighting fixtures

6. Geometric prints

Classic stripes, hexagons, triangles, octagons, and chevrons bring elegance into modern interiors and add classy chic to room decorating. Accent walls, decorative pillows, textiles or small accents with geometric patterns look fabulous in modern rooms.

Wood and textiles with geometric prints
Modern wallpaper and fabric prints, geometric patterns for room decorating

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