Contemporary Outdoor Lighting, Design Ideas from Amsterdam Lights Festival

butterflies lights

Glowing in the dark butterflies


Contemporary lighting design is fascinating. The Amsterdam Lights Festival held between November 28 and January 19, 2020, illuminates the European city with creative outdoor lighting. The contemporary art installations are romantic and humorous, turning the city into a fairy tale place. The re are fabulous twenty light artworks created by artists from around the world.

The lighting design theme is a BREAK! Artistic lighting shows contemporary design ideas reflecting this concept. The climate change and history themes blend with modern technology producing mesmerizing shows of inspiring outdoor lighting.

Giraffe street lights

Recycling for DIY outdoor lights

Charming outdoor lights, door decoration for winter holidays

Romantic outdoor lights, bright yard decorations

DIY outdoor lights, creative backyard ideas

Contemporary outdoor lights

Floating lightings, Surface Tension
Creative outdoor lighting, modern art
Glowing in the dark butterflies
Floating outdoor lights, Atlantis art installation

  by Ena Russ   


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