Contemporary Kitchen Hoods Bringing Art into Modern Kitchen Design

new kitchen hood in contemporary style
Colorful kitchen hood in contemporary style



New contemporary kitchen hoods from Whirlpool, look like artworks on the wall, adding color and unique patterns to modern kitchen design. The creative and bright kitchen hood models take kitchen decorating to the next level and personalize the interiors. The company, a leading manufacturer of home appliances, proudly announced getting the Red Dot award 2013 for their kitchen appliances.

This exclusive collection of hoods is called Art Gallery Hood. The contemporary kitchen appliances appreciated by international design experts and praised for attractive kitchen design ideas can transform and personalize modern kitchens, turning the spaces into beautiful, fresh interiors with a personal art gallery’s vibe.

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Retractable kitchen hoods, contemporary design

Contemporary kitchen hoods

Colorful kitchen hood in a contemporary style

The Art Gallery Hood collection is designed to create a unique atmosphere in modern kitchens. Colorful and unusual hoods transform the look of kitchen design, offering bright and unusual, functional, and stylish, easy to install, and attractive kitchen appliances. These hoods are available in six design options. The unique shape, pattern, and color combination enhance modern kitchen design, reflecting the owner’s artistic nature and surprising guests.

Unique kitchen hood design in the industrial style

Soft glowing copper accents, modern kitchen hoods

Beautiful kitchen designs in the Mediterranean style

Hood panels were inspired by various design ideas worldwide and turned kitchen hoods into bold decorative accents with eye-catching patterns. Black and white or bright color combinations increase the beautiful effect of decorating with art prints and photographs.

Contemporary kitchen hood with unique decoration pattern

The designers are very proud of these interesting, unusual, and creative kitchen hoods and continue striving to find unique and original solutions to meet the customers’ aesthetic needs, who consider the kitchen design the heart of the house, said senior design director Alessandro Finetto.


Contemporary kitchen hoods with various decoration patterns

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