Contemporary Home Interior Design and Decor Enriched with Colorful Accents and Panoramic Views

modern interior design and decor with colorful accents

Living room design with glass wall and furnishings in neutral colors

This contemporary home, surrounded by a beautiful landscape, is built in Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico. Modern interior design and decor, personalized for each rooms, provide a gorgeous, spacious and comfortable house in a tranquil and picturesque setting.

Developed by A-001 Taller de Arquitectura, the modern house design in contemporary style is named Casa del Viento. The architectural design includes a variety of modern building materials, from exposed concrete to natural stone and glass, blending contemporary and traditional elements into a stunning modern house.

The spacious, bright and modern house features an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace for meditation, balconies and a patio with dining and seating areas. Beautiful yard landscaping ideas create luxurious setting and provide beautiful vies from every room.

Contemporary house design with outdoor swimming pool and beautiful views

Contemporary home with outdoor swimming pool and large patio

Modern interior design and decor accentuated with bright color shades

Modern interior design and decor is personalized for each living space. Large glass windows and glass wall design offer gorgeous 180 degree views of the neighboring picturesque hills and lush vegetation. The yard landscaping ideas harmoniously blend with natural surroundings creating a wonderful place to live in Mexico.

This sustainable home design features solar heaters, rainwater capturing system and natural ventilation. Neutral colors, spiced up with vivid color accents, create cool and calm interior design and decor in contemporary style while keeping rooms look interesting and stylish.

Modern interior design and decor with bright decorative accents in pale yellow, light green and rich blue color shades

Living room furniture in light gray color is jazzed up by a decorative fabrics in turquoise and golden yellow color shades which are used for beautiful ottomans and pillows. Glass wall design and a glass top coffee table in a flower shape fill the living room with light.

Energy efficient contemporary home with modern architectural interiors and eco friendly decor

Two story contemporary eco home design with metallic shell

Contemporary home features modern interior design with metal staircase in industrial style

Contemporary kitchen design and dining room decorating are brighten with light green and pale yellow color shades, which look harmonious with a family room decor in rich blue and yellow color combination. Decorative pillows in green, yellow and rich blue color shades are used in outdoor rooms, blending the contemporary home interiors with surroundings.

Living room design with glass wall and furnishings in neutral colors

Modern house exterior design and yard landscaping ideas

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