Classic Patio Ideas in Mediterranean Style

backyard designs in spanish style

Patio ideas and backyard designs in Mediterranean style bring together the beautiful, lush European countryside, elegant and comfortable decor and the relaxed, culturally rich lifestyle. Lushome shares two patio ideas in Mediterranean style that demonstrate how to create attractive, functional and elegant outdoor living spaces, and decorate your backyard in modern Spanish style.

Outdoor living spaces, especially outdoor seating areas designed in Italy, France and Spain for enjoyment. The backyard landscaping ideas and outdoor furniture create perfect places for enjoying warm weather. These outdoor decorating ideas can be stolen and applied to Californian homes. Patio ideas in Mediterranean style, Tuscan decor and Spanish decorating ideas can influence and inspire beautiful backyard designs in all warm climates as well.

Modern Mediterranean landscaping ideas and backyard designs vary. Some outdoor living spaces are rustic and relaxed, while other outdoor rooms in Mediterranean styles are lavish, elegant and sophisticated. Consider the style of your home interior decorating and house design style, add a personal touch and use your favorite Mediterranean style ideas for creating beautiful backyard and inviting outdoor rooms in your home.

Modern interior design and decorating in Mediterranean style emphasizing vintage stone walls

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Backyard designs and patio ideas in Mediterranean styles

Classic stone patio design in Spanish style

Spanish Mission and Colonial Revival styles can be used for your backyard design as wellas Mediterranean country home decorating. Gardens and patio designs in Spanish styles  are elegant and comfortable, offering beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces that reflect interior decorating and house exterior style.

These backyard landscaping and decorating ideas are luxurious and add fabulous outdoor rooms to Mediterranean style homes. Simple, practical, but elegant and very attractive, patio ideas reflect the beautiful architectural features and natural light colors of Spanish estates.

Stone patio ideas, outdoor furniture and decorating with plants

Distinct lines and patterns, symmetrical shapes and natural fabrics clearly define the unity throughout the home interiors and outdoor rooms. Spanish Mediterranean style residences have beautiful gardens with lush vegetation, fragrant citrus trees, and serene palms that provide nice views and enhance the atmosphere of comfort. Stone patio ideas, outdoor furniture made with natural materials and light fabrics add charm and elegance to Spanish mission and homes in Colonial Revival style.

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Lush, green and flowering plants, aromatic herbs and graceful climbers with colorful and beautiful flowers add spectacular centerpieces to backyard designs and patios in Spanish homes. Natural, rustic materials like terracotta, wood, ceramics, wines and stone are fabulous patio ideas to emphasize backyard design in Spanish style.

Stone patio with wooden table and wicker chairs

Southern places, like Southern California, Arizona, Texas and Florida are great locations for Mediterranean style backyard designs. Simple and comfortable patio ideas are ideal for the inviting climate and beautifully diverse countryside of these parts of the world. The luxurious and spectacular possibilities of Mediterranean style influence outdoor living spaces around the world, bringing gorgeous garden design and patio ideas into modern homes.

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Patio ideas in Mediterranean styles that complement house exteriors, increase home values, stretch home interiors and blend them with beautiful outdoor living spaces, providing stylish and comfortable terraces and gardens to meet the family, friends or relax alone in a warm sunny day.

Stone patio with large wooden table and outdoor curtains
Outdoor curtains in white and sunshade
outdoor furniture with colorful pillows, coffee table decorating with flowers
Table decorating with flowers, ceramics and natural fabrics
Glasses and handmade ceramic dishes, fruits and flowers, table decorating ideas in Spanish style

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