Bright Kitchen Design in Rich Blue Color

modern kitchen design and decor in blue color
Blue paint for wooden kitchen cabinets and dining furniture


This kitchen design and decor is tremendously enhanced with bright blue color, creating a fabulous, stylish and beautiful space. Interior design in rich blue color is associated with the water, ocean waves, gorgeous blue flowers and warm southern nights. Modern kitchen design in blue color feels bright and peaceful.

Blue kitchen design and decor create beneficial effects, help to loose weight and relax. Modern kitchen design in bright blue color brings tranquility and trendy shades into modern homes, calming and reducing appetite while providing an attractive place for coking and entertaining.

Kitchen design and decor in vivid blue color is timelessly elegant and attractive. Blue color brings a sense of comfort into modern interior design and add pleasant accents to home decorating. Blue kitchen cabinets, painted window frames, dining furniture and wall decor in bright light and dark blue colors look interesting, fresh and modern.
Blue kitchen design and decor ideas

Blue kitchen design and decor

Modern kitchen design and decor in rich blue color with white accents

The combination of light and blue color shades add depth to kitchen design and create very decorative color contrasts that enrich this kitchen interior. Adding white makes kitchen design appear more spacious and airy. A touch of orange, purple and green colors soften blue kitchen design.

Creamy white, orange, yellow, purple and green colors look harmonious and beautiful with light and dark blue color shades. Glossy paint, shiny tableware and metal kitchen fixtures help create bright interior design that looks festive and classy.

Blue paint for wooden kitchen cabinets and dining furniture

Blue kitchen design and decor ideas are versatile and suitable for traditional or contemporary materials. Blue painted wood cabinets, kitchen island and dining furniture in blue color add charm and character to this stunning kitchen design.

Royal blue kitchen design with carved wood kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchen paint colors, cool blue paint for wood kitchen cabinets and walls

Wooden chairs with natural wood finish add warm accents to calm and cool blue kitchen design. Wood brings comfort and coziness into this kitchen, creating a welcoming place for a family to enjoy meals.

Blue paint colors for kitchen cabinets and walls

Rich blue color shades, combined with creamy white and sky blue hue and pure create a fantastic effect, enhancing this kitchen design with youthful energy and freshness. The large windows invite lots of natural light, connecting this beautiful, comfortable and modern kitchen interior with the nature, allowing the spectacular view of mature trees surrounding the house.

Modern kitchen and bedroom color schemes with light blue paint colors

Contemporary kitchen design trends unite new materials, natural colors and integrated appliances

Large windows are great architectural features of this kitchen design. They expand the space, boundlessly merging interior design with beautiful surroundings, adding character and unique charm to this bright, rich and modern kitchen interior with spectacular views.

  by Ena Russ   

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