Beautiful Branches Turning Into Unique Furniture and Home Decorations

recycling tree branches in interior design
Bedroom design, solid wood bed headboard and nightstand with branches


The branches are favorite home decorations in eco style. Designers get inspirations from the natural forms and create unique home furnishings that connect interior design with nature. Curves of wood look fabulous, elegant, and eccentric in home interiors giving a unique character to the interior design. Lushome brings modern ideas demonstrating the latest trends and showing how to use branch designs for your home decorating.

Branches fascinate people but also offer inexpensive and widely available natural material for crafts and handmade home decorations. A few branches from your local park or nearby forest make attractive racks, lighting fixtures, bracket for wall shelves or table centerpieces. Artificial branches work for home decorating also, but natural branch designs are simply gorgeous and eco-friendly.

Tree branches in interior design and decor

Tree branches and candle centerpiece idea

The warm atmosphere that branches create in rooms is overwhelming. Natural wood and autumn leaves are the best materials for fall decorating. The wooden designs fill home interiors with coziness and connect the interior design with nature, offering modern ideas and cheap decorations for every taste and budget.

Tree branches with lamps, inspiring lighting design ideas

Tree bookcases and shelves, eco style blends with space saving ideas

Wall decorating ideas

Framed branches

Have a look at creative ideas for using branches in interior design. Get inspired and unleash your imagination to envision beautiful jewelry storage racks, table centerpieces, wall shelves, artworks, and even pieces of furniture. Branches are perfect for experimenting with original design ideas. Lushome shows you some interesting ideas for interior decorating with branches, and you can enrich the collection of beautiful designs.

Log home design with tree trunks and branches in interiors

30 DIY coat rack ideas to personalize entryway designs

Natural branches are versatile and stylish materials. They look beautiful with home furnishings in any style. You can make an extravagant bookcase or bench, and make small home decorations, attractive table centerpieces, and crafts. Buckets, baskets, glass, and ceramic vases with branches are the easiest to make, cheap decorations.

Birch branches for bedroom decorating
Branch rack painted white
Kids room decorating with toys hanging on branches
Branches and birds for bedroom decorating, owl decor idea

Bird and butterflies replicas add a spring vibe to branches. Spraying branches with color, using branches with autumn foliage and berries are fabulous ideas to enhance fall decorating.

Easter tree with birds, spring table decoration ideas

15 floral arrangements with blooming in spring branches

Centerpiece ideas

Branches with berries, table centerpiece idea for fall decorating

Table decorations and vases with branches make fascinating display pieces for fall, make your decorations look natural and elegant. Tables, windows, house exterior and interior walls wait for your artworks created with branches. Free and easy to use branches, fall leaves, and berries are perfect for designing beautiful accents for eco-friendly fall decorating. Also, these are fantastic materials to reuse and recycle rearranging them for every season, occasion, and holiday.

Home staging and interior decorating with vases

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Unique furniture

Original bookcase
DIY wall shelf with branch supports
Creative wooden bench
Creative design with branches
Bedroom design, solid wood bed headboard, and nightstand with branches
Birch tree table and stools, unique furniture design
Wooden mirror frame, console table made with decorative branches, floor lamp

Branches in vases

Decorative branches, living room design
Tree prints, decorative branches in vases, dining room decorating

Tree trunks and branches in interior design

Eagle Nest Hotel, Finland, wood in modern interior design

Garden decorations

Tree table
Tree bench
Tree sculpture
Porch decorating, branches on the wall, console table with candles

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